Alternative mediums for oiling out and under layer

by Chad
(Sydney, Australia)

Hi Delmus, for the burnt umber underlayer, since I don't have Damar varnish or linseed oil, could I use 25% stand oil and 25% liquin original with my 50% turps to create a similar medium for my wash? Also, could I use stand oil for the oiling out process between layers? Thanks in advance!
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by: Chad

Thank you for the reply Delmus. I guess if I want to achieve the same results, I should use the same ingredients! I'll try and grab some linseed oil and varnish, that way I can follow your dvd without improvising some of the steps. Thanks again.


by: Delmus

Hi Chad, stand oil is usually a very thick linseed oil. And more expensive by volume than linseed oil. If you cut it with turps, it might work for an oiling out, but I have never tried. The liquin could also be used as a couch to paint into, but things may dry on you way too fast. I have used it without dilution when I needed something really quick to dry.

The combination you ask about for a medium in the umber layer will work. Or leave the liquin out, as the umber will dry pretty quick with only the turps and oil. You could use just turps in the umber layers if you can work fast, the umber will get pretty sticky quickly, and blending will need to be done quickly too.

I hope this helps.

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