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Art Gallery in Bedford Virginia

"The Art of Virginia"
Gallery & Cafe

109 North Bridge Street, Bedford, VA.

(540) 798-5509

Hours of operation:

Fri: 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Sat: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

There is an art gallery in Bedford Virginia that will surprise you.
Right in the middle on downtown Bedford, it is a place where you can go to relax, view some really fantastic art, and have an excellent cup of Joe (coffee), or Tea.

Exotic tea's and exotic coffee's, not your run of the mill coffee brands, but tea's and coffee's from all over the world, and not found here in Bedford.

Sure, you can do that at other places, but can you see great art, enjoy a wonderful beverage, sit in a comphy chair, and allow the days issues to melt away? That's what makes this place unique.

The ambiance!

The Art, The Tea, The Coffee, The Comfy Chairs. Really! Did I mention the art? The art IS top notch.

From the whimsical cat portraits (Tab's signature pieces), explosive and enthusiastic abstracts, to the deep thought provoking classical still life, landscape and contemporary large floral's of yours truly.

This is a view from the street North Bridge, while you're heading south. Yep, that's my ride in the front, there's plenty of parking both in front and behind the gallery. Also note those "OPEN" flags out front. I'll talk a little more about those in a minute.

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Your local coffee shop may have some of this, but certainly not all of it. Did I mention you should also bring your laptop, or tablet to catch up with email or friends on facebook . Yep, free wifi.

You can visit their Facebook page while you're there!

The trend in galleries to move into the coffee/bistro arena, is well established in large metropolitan cities, but not so usual in a small city like Bedford. Simply put, this art gallery in Bedford Virginia is simply on top of it's game.

They even have a number of artsy books, and some of the classics in case you've been wanting to start reading one of these, but didn't want to buy it just yet.

Not long ago, Tab and Nancy O'Neal had a dream. Both having a background in art, marketing, and local television and video production, they set out to produce a gallery with a different twist.

Having that entrepreneurial spirit, much of the work performed in this old street frontage building was completed by Nancy and Tab themselves! Just ask Nancy, she bears a few boo-boos to prove it. (Megga-phone announcement "Stay....away.....from.....the.....ladder") Inside joke, but thank goodness serious injuries healed well.

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The work was well worth it however, because the finished product is simply eye candy to the art lover. High ceilings, (with a mat black finish that helps keep light on the art, not bouncing around all over the ceiling putting odd shadows and reflection on the walls), warm century old flooring, restored rather than tossed away, and so much wall space, that it's makes for the ideal space to show large pieces.

Below is a photo of the completed work this couple has put their hearts and souls into!

Now, can't you imagine yourself sitting in one of those big comfy chairs with a great book, and cup of hot chocolate or tea, and every once in a while, gazing at something on the wall?

Make it happen! Slip into this art gallery in Bedford Virginia, relax and allow Tab and Nancy to pamper you for a bit!

The next time you've just finished doing a little shopping downtown Bedford, and just needed a place to rest your feet. Slide on into the Art Of Virginia, and meet with Tab and Nancy.

You will be so happy you did!

Now, remember I said I would talk a bit about those signs? It's pretty simple actually. The doors are open when the signs are flying. You see, Tab and Nancy work other jobs, so the Gallery has limited hours. (See Above) Now, that doesn't mean you can't window shop as the lighting is good and most art can be seen from the street. And if you're in a real pinch, give 'em a call, they'll come down if they can to let you in.

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