H.H. Buck

by Timothy Buck
(Burke, Virginia)

Portrait painting of H.H. Buck

Portrait painting of H.H. Buck

This is my grandfather, the founder of Buck Knife Company. It is nearly complete, but I am unhappy with the background. Any suggestions? Delmus? Help?

Editors note:

Thanks for submitting Tim!

A few things for future works, and maybe even this work if you choose to do it. Elements within the work, especially focal points, need to be within a 2 inch barrier of the sides of your support. The knife and left hand are going to carry the viewers eye right off the canvas. It also creates a nightmare for your framer. His left elbow should be ok. The hat is positioned just right IMO.(in my opinion)

The background only needs to be glazed down. I like the abstract treatment of it.

You are a talented artist, please keep up the good work.


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Feb 15, 2011
Glazing down
by: Delmus


You mentioned in a message regarding a painting I'm working on (H.H. Buck), that the background would look fine once I "glazed down" that area. I am familiar with "oiling out", but not "glazing down". Thanks.

Glazing down is putting on a transparent film of paint with a high amount of medium (oil or liquin). Because this is usually dark, I refer to it as glazing down, rather than up. Glazing is also different than a Frottie which is applied to the entire painting, not just one area. This glazing will allow all of the details and nuances to show through it, yet it will darken the area as if in shadow.

Feb 04, 2011
by: Tim Buck

Thanks Penny. Thanks for the input Delmus. I appreciate the direction. I can hardly wait to try the complete Flemish technique in my next attempt.

Feb 02, 2011
by: Penny

Wonderful and excellent!

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