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Oil Painting Techniques.  What are they? Why learn them?

A big HELLO! Welcome to some wonderful pages on oil painting techniques, tips and lessons.

My name is Delmus Phelps and having been an artist for over 40 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to learn a few tricks of the trade, and some great oil painting and drawing tips, that will help you in this wonderful art form!

pink dahlia blossom paintingpink dahlia blossom painting

More about Oil Painting, and Oil Painting Techniques

To answer my opening questions, here goes. When comparing it to watercolor, encaustic, fresco or tempera, it simply hasn't been around quite as long. (And you thought those Egyptian hieroglyphics were done in oils!) It actually has its origins in Europe in the early 15th Century when oils were added with egg yolks in tempera which allowed for better blending. 

The paint didn't dry as quickly. This allowed the artist to create smooth transitions in modeling and made for a more realistic picture. It has since become the medium of choice for most artists from the 16th Century till today.

Artist's that paint in oils are going to find one of the broadest color and tonal ranges of any medium, and unlike most water based products, will not change in color intensity or value after drying. In other words, what you see is what you get!

You can achieve the richest dark's than any medium while exploiting similar effects of transparent glazes found in watercolor, tempera and acrylics.

Great painting is still an art, and not a science. And each artist will find certain things work better than others. This site here is simply to pass down the oil painting techniques I use, and have learned over the last 30 some odd years. And also discover and show to you other oil painting techniques other artists use in their endeavors to create beauty.

Believe me, I continue to learn new things from others artists all the time.  I incorporate those techniques into my own work.  Sometimes with brilliant success, and sometimes with utter failure!

Oil Painting Techniques, and the real secret.

Since as early as the 18th century, painters have been obsessed with the idea of a Secret Formula, a small bit of knowledge or an oil painting technique, or trick that would unravel the mysteries of producing works of art as glorious as in the 14th & 15th Centuries

Artists, authors, historians, and manufacturers have all claimed to discover a piece of this mystery. Something that would unlock the secrets of painting so that it could be mastered without effort and with such ease as to be done in one sitting!

Even me!

None of these oil painting techniques or tricks have proven to be THE SECRET, but, we have found pieces to the puzzle. The idea persists and painters continue to seek a simple solution. Of course you already know what the answer is!

There is no such thing!

There is NO SECRET FORMULA. No secret material, no secret medium, no special recipe, no single piece of instant knowledge, that can fix the lack of technique or understanding of the actual materials you are using.  (That is a statement from another artist which I can't find, but it sums up a very simple truth)

The true SECRET to oil painting lies within the possession of a COMPLETE set of skills and knowledge or information on material and technique that can only be acquired over time, study, practice and experimentation on the part of the artist.

Having said all that, let me assert that to paint like this is not as difficult as some artist's will lead you to believe.

Do you have to have talent?  I talk about this elsewhere on the site, but for now, view painting as a craft.  When you learn a craft, you learn each step of the process.

It's kinda like a friend of mine used to say, How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time!

On my site I will talk about the oil painting techniques I use today, and give them to you one bite at a time. They really are so simple and easy to do! These techniques, because they are so easy, will keep your enthusiasm high, and grow that creative excitement!

You won't be worrying about what to do next. You just paint!

Click here to begin your journey step by step.

It doesn't matter your age, your income, your ability, YOU CAN LEARN to master oil painting, and paint a surprisingly well work of art!

Also, go check out with what is on my easel.  Just click  "Demos on my Easel" to take you straight there.  It's a huge page with examples of demonstrations like the one below:

Recent commissioned work "Southern Magnolia" a 60"x 60" oil on canvas

So, when you've found a great web-site, and you like what you've seen, but don't have the time to explore the entire site, most people will bookmark the site,(or save to favorites).

If you're like me, you've got hundreds of site's categorized in nice folders by subject. What I've found however, is a handful of sites that I would call my true favorites and visit regularly. The rest end up in their neat little folder and forgotten about unless I really have extra time to hunt them down again.

Honestly, when was the last time you cleaned up your favorites and bookmarked web sites?

Some of these sites (like my web-gurus') are really important to me because of the reference information they contain. What I really like about these sites is they send periodic emails of new things, or simply a friendly hello.

I try to emulate this in my monthly e-zine with new information, or just a friendly reminder of the important reference material located here on Easy Oil Painting. Won't you join our group?

Come on in and join me on this journey of oil painting tips and techniques, because you too have a passion for all things that are beautiful!

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More oil painting lessons

Now, some of the things we will talk about will be oil painting techniques and materials, techniques for beginners, and advanced techniques for those that have painted a bit before. 

An important part of oil painting, drawing skills were always taught and learned before painting in the old schools of yesteryear. Looking at the classical paintings in any major art museum today, it's not hard to understand that drawing skills were very important in those works.

This is an important part of oil painting believe it or not. But you can start painting without being the perfect draftsman of yesteryear. There are just too many tools available today that can help you along faster!

Stick with me for a few minutes, and let me explain to you step by step, oil painting techniques that will get you there!

Don't be afraid of all the flower's within the site logo! It's just my style and genre of painting, but that's not all that is available here.

I get into landscapes, portraits, still life, and flowers. I explore drawing lessons too!

On some of the demonstrations, we will show you techniques for trees, clouds.  How to create texture, impasto, glazing, mixing colors, and I'll try to define some of the oil painting terms you may hear out in your art world.

At last count, there are over 400 pages here! (This includes a great deal of your art too!) 

While visiting my site you will learn many important things about oil painting techniques and learning to draw. You’ll discover many important facts. But one in particular will be “Anyone can learn to paint! And even better, anyone can learn to paint quite well”

All it takes is determination to succeed, and a passion for all things beautiful! You supply that, and I’ll try my very best do the rest!

These oil painting tips and drawing techniques will empower you to succeed! And I will take you step by step, through the process of creating beautiful works of art, like the paintings below! Hey, don't just take my word for it. Visit my "your oil paintings" and see what others have already done using these techniques! They are simply put, amazing!

For those that viewed the video, I hope you enjoyed my son's techno music (which he wrote, composed, and played). I don't think I'll be using the techno music on my instruction video's though, it causes me to do too much dancing! Well, I dance a lot in my studio anyway. When what you do brings so much joy, you simply can't help yourself!

By now, you'll also understand my writing technique is not like your academic art textbook. Yes, I have some education and a degree in a field that paid the bills while I continued to paint and help my wonderful better half in raising a large family. You can read more about me here. But enough about me, the site is geared for you! So lets get started!

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oil painting of grapes titled: whom all blessings flowoil painting of grapes titled: whom all blessings flow

P.S. Just setting up your studio? I got a few great articles on Artist Career Practices, of the professional artist. All sorts of information from how to photograph your work for advertising to squaring up the shot.

You can contribute too, we have two new sections on "Your Paintings!" and "Your Photos!". The painting section features your hard work, and gives you some free internet exposure! You can post several examples of your works and describe your oil painting techniques.

The Photos section is where we are now collecting reference material for all our readers benefit. Got a special rose photo that would make a great painting? Add it to our photo library. Tell us the story behind it too!

P.S.S. And yes, there are all kinds of oil painting techniques, tips and lessons chock full of information here! So take your time and browse around. If you would like to hear about my story, going from managing the electrical/electronic maintenance of a 2500 employee factory to painting flowers for a living,

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I promise you, it is not boring!

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