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November 18, 2022

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Some amazing wins!

Table of Contents

* Latest competition news!

* Getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Here's your latest edition of Easy Oils Blast! A blast of new information, paintings and demonstrations in oil painting.

Latest competition news!

Hello everyone! It's been several months since I last wrote to you. Actually, close to 9 months. I really need to get a better scheduling system, that's for sure.

Since last I wrote, several paintings have been submitted to a few competitions and much to my surprise, several have won awards.

In April, this painting was listed as a top 15% Favorites for the Boldbrush Art Contest and Exhibition.

White Orchids titled: Stairway to Heaven.

The link takes you to the winner's page, this painting is located about halfway down the page.

Boldbrush top FAV 15% for April 2022

The original has sold, but a quality print is available.

Over on my fine art site, I have a few pictures and a video clip of its development.

Click the image to go to page.

In June, three of my works were selected again in the Top 15% Favorite among Boldbrush FASO staff and FineArtViews staff members.

Boldbrush top 15% FAV for the month of June 2022 The three works are located about midway down the page. Go have a look, as these contests represent a variety of styles and subject matter and some of the best artwork you will see anywhere!

Then, in July, the BoldBrush Competition featured one of my works, "Burgundy Grapes"

Boldbrush informed collector featured article

That was quite the honor, as these featured articles are put together by folks that review and cull through a vast amount of beautiful work submitted for the competition.

Click the image to head over to my fine art site, to have a better look at this work.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As we prepare for the Holiday Season, I'm counting my Blessings. It's been a hard year for the Phelps Clan. We've lost a Matriarch of the family, my Mother-in-Law of 92 years old. Being German, and having come thru an age of world war, her stories of those hard times and where her path brought her to freedom and family will be missed, but never forgotten.

We lost our faithful fur baby companions of 17 years, our Cocker Spaniel "Molly" and shortly after, our companion of 16 years, our Canaan shepherd "Blanca". Before bed I still check the back porch to see where they are and bring them in, only to remember they are in our cemetery in the back garden.

On the brighter side we've had another grandchild! Holding a little one like this in your arms really changes your perspective on life and the blessings it brings.

We also had a grand wedding and the melding of two large families. And thru that new life has already begun!

What a beautiful Bride!

So, I'll end this newsletter with a link to those who now may have the appetite to paint your own painting of grapes. It seems they have become popular in certain circles.

The page gives quite a bit of details on hard and soft edges, and how this can really create a believable work of art.

How to paint your own grapes painting

With best wishes, and Happy Painting!

Delmus Phelps Fine Art site

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