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Mixing the right value can make or break that painting!
March 06, 2016

Table of Contents

* The Importance of Value

* Color mixing to maximize the effect.

* New submissions

* New Paintings Email Signup

* My New FaceBook page!

Here's your latest edition of Easy Oils Blast! A blast of new information, paintings and demonstrations in oil painting.

So lets get started with some really great information!

The importance of value.

Did you know, when you get the values correct in a painting, you can walk away without ever adding color! The painting, when these early stages are done precisely can actually give you a finished painting. Either in the umber under painting or the grey under painting.

See the pics below.

The Umber under painting and the Gray under painting help establish your values. It starts with the umber layer.

See this demo here:Painting the egg.

Learn more here:Value Scale in art.

I show this photo because I was just starting the color layers when my son told me to leave it like it was. He felt and thought it was already a completed piece.

The values are correct, but I love color so I pressed on.

The outer row of petals have no color. What do you think? Should I have left it?

The completed painting using a phone camera. Not the best, but it captures the brightness of the work.

Speaking of color. Values can be lost in the color layers if you're not careful.

Color Mixing

Click the link below to see an earlier color layer of this gorgeous dahlia. It's from my FaceBook page.

Sunburst Dahlia Video link Keeping my colors pure gave them such a boost in intensity to the painting.

After completing another recent painting on Van Gogh Sunflowers, I keep coming back to the fact that COLOR is a very major factor in any painting. The link below goes to a highly recommended color course that will help you in your color mixing.

Mastering Color Lessons.

You can check out my review of his coarse right here: Color Course Review I would ask this of you. With each of my paintings, there is a little story behind it. The reason or the circumstance that went into it's creation.

If you take the time to read these short stories, you will invariably get a glimpse into the life and times of a baby boomer coming of age, and with his faith, the loves of his life, and his continued love of his craft, perhaps glean some of the wisdom and enjoy a bit of his wit as he paints his life around him.

Wow, maybe I should add that last statement to my bio!

Click the link below to see these newest paintings. Delmus Phelps Fine Art site

Something I forget to mention. With opening a new studio, I also had to get rid of my antique star trek flip phone for a new modern smart phone.

Because its a smart phone it had this cool little camera. And with it, I click a lot of pictures.

I do post a great deal of what I'm actually doing in the studio/gallery daily! So follow along with me to see new work as it happens.

Follow me on INSTAGRAM "@delmus_phelps_fine_art" to see some of those pictures as I work.

Sorry for all the underscores. I'm a baby boomer, and once I set up the account, my kids reminded me of what a pain it is to add those underscores to find me. I then reminded them they hey, follow me, and you won't have to keep typing that mess in. I'll just appear in your feed.

They were impressed.

Who said you can't teach an ol dog new tricks?

New Submissions

Now, lets give you another example of a painting with a great deal of impact due to correct values.

See this new submission by artist Derek Mason who was kind enough to include his work.

With recent kills of precious endangered wildlife in the news, this piece has such an important message.

Thanks Derek! Artist Derek submission to site

New Paintings Email Signup

I have a new website dedicated to just my new paintings! I also have a blog about those paintings, and the story behind their creation. Please join me in signing up for this email/newletter that will keep you posted of my latest works!

Click here to jump over and sign up!

As always, I promise no spam, just beautiful paintings and why I painted them. (And sometimes the "how" I painted them)

My New FaceBook page! Pinterest?, Facebook? Twitter? and all that jazz!

I've created a new Facebook Page! Would you come and see it? It's all about my new paintings and my travels in creating them. I hope you will join me! Just "like" the page to have my new works added to your Facebook timeline or news-feed.

This really is a great resource, as I find new techniques and other interesting art, I will post them to the Facebook Page. And of course, more of my hillbilly humor is thrown in for free!

Delmus Phelps Fine Art facebook page

What are they all about? This is a social media site similar to facebook, or tweeter, but it's based on images only. This is an artist's dream! Soooo many pictures, but not enough time to see them all.

The buttons above send you to my page, but once your registered, you'll have your own page to set up and start collecting your favorite images!

If you really like a painting or image found on the site (Easy Oil Techniques), feel free to push that little button underneath the image!

It will post the image to the Pinterest site. You do need to go through a simple registration process, but you will not be disappointed. The pictures available are simple amazing and will truly get your creative juices flowing with ideas for your next painting project!

Facebook Like it please!

Don't forget the great addition to the site is the Facebook application!

If you're a Facebook Fan, then you'll appreciate this. You can "like" a page, and comment on it's contents so your Facebook friends can see what all the hub-bub is about, and where you spend your valuable hours learning on how to paint great things!

Spread the word! Click on the like buttons and give me your comments on the site! You don't even have to leave the site, it's all right there for your convenience.

And our readers love 'em!

Also, in the upper right hand corner of most pages, you can find my Facebook page, and follow along activities that I post in-between ezine issues.

I'm now on Twitter! I find that if you reply to me rather then direct message (DM), I'll be able to find you easier. I get so much spam these days, I rarely check my direct messages in twitter any longer.

You can follow me, and I'll follow you back, but do reply to me that you are following so's I can follow you back! just tweet an "@delmus" in your tweet box!

Follow me on Twitter

Well I hope the information was useful to you. Future ezines will be in a similar format, just different information.

Let me know what you think! Have I helped you in any way? Twitter me, or drop me an email. I would love to see some of your work!

Till next time!

This is Delmus Phelps wishing you a happy painting day!


If you missed the 1st issue of the ezine, you can get it here, Ezine Back Issues.

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