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[New Stuff at Easy Oil Painting! Value, and what does it mean in painting]
September 27, 2010

Table of Contents

* New/Old demo created.

* Some wonderful art work submitted!

* Art marketing, How to create that killer statement.

* What is the difference in a job resume, and the artist's resume? .... Lots!

* Have you found your "voice" yet?

So lets get started in this months edition!

Not sure where I found the information, but a really great way to show a demonstration is a technique called "the Burns effect". I believe it was the film maker that made the Public Television Series on The Civil War, Ken Burns. Since there isn't a great deal of rolling film from that era, but massive amounts of still pictures, this technique turned still photographs into a movie form.

Using two demonstrations from the site, and some great music from I've put together this short demo video.

New Videos

Enjoy the show! Don't forget the popcorn and soda!

The latest vid is at the very bottom of the linked page. It shows you what to expect as the painting progresses. Cool stuff!

Onions demo revisited

Some great new painting submissions.

Here's a great painting by Elena, who, by the way, also has a really nice web site.

And a fantastic waterfall landscape by Peggy, a great contributor to the site!

I can't tell you how excited I get when I see such great submissions. Have you got a painting for us to see? Come on and upload it!

Roan Barbary, a horse portrait

Twin Falls

Continuing with our art marketing, self promotion series.

How do you really write that Killer Art Statement!

When in the museum, art show, or gallery, there is usually a piece of paper that is hung in a prominent place for visitors to read. On that little notice hangs possibly your future! Don't blow it! Find out how to describe your work in the written form for visitors, publicists, and others that could catapult your career, in the best possible way!

Selling your art, art marketing 101, the artist statement.

The Artist Resume

Now that you know how to describe your work in the best light, lets explore how to write that artist resume so that you, yourself, can be shown in the best light!

It's not like a normal resume!

The Artists' Resume

Finding your artistic style, your voice!

Are your paintings all over the place when it comes to subject matter? Are you doing watercolors, pastels, pencil and oils, trying to find the magic bullet?

Some sound advice on becoming focused, centered, and at peace with what you do in your art!

Finding your artistic style, your artistic voice!

And as usual, one of my nice offers!

Three e-books for the price of one, plus, a neat way to get them all for free!

I'm now on Twitter! I find that if you reply to me rather then direct message (DM), I'll be able to find you easier. I get so much spam these days, I rarely check my direct messages in twitter any longer.

You can follow me, and I'll follow you back, but do reply to me that you are following so's I can follow you back! just tweet an "@delmus" in your tweet box!

Follow me on Twitter

Well I hope the information was useful to you. Future ezines will be in a similar format, just different information.

Let me know what you think! Have I helped you in any way? Twitter me, or drop me an email. I would love to see some of your work!

Till next time!

This is Delmus Phelps wishing you a happy painting day!


If you missed the 1st issue of the ezine, you can get it here, Ezine Back Issues.

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