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10 Great tips for the beginner, 3 New demonstrations, Facebook!
August 23, 2011

Table of Contents

* Facebook and our new look!

* In-depth how to paint a tulip.

* In-depth how to paint a daisy.

* 10 great beginner tips.

* Kindle!

I've had the pleasure of being able to write quite a bit for the site in recent weeks, however, because I like to keep these E-zines down to less then 5 or 6 subjects, I'm going to have to split this months E-zine up into 2 versions. One of course is this one, and the next will come in about a week or so.

Just to give you the heads up, because I normally only send out one of these once a month to six weeks. I had folks write to ask if they had missed their monthly fix when I became a bit lazy and didn't put one out on schedule. And I don't want you to automatically delete the next edition when it comes a bit earlier thinking it's a repeat of the first.

It won't be! It too will be full of additional information about this wonderful medium we call oil painting! (Just a hint about the next edition, I'm going to give you the secrets galleries and judges use to determine whether your painting hits the mark as a work of art, or just another picture!) (So stay tuned!)

Now to this months addition of New Stuff at Easy Oils!

Facebook and our new look!

We have a new look! Three column format has been introduced to better frame the content into the middle, and allowing for a number of "things" to go over on the right hand side of the site.

What kinds of things?

Mostly I will tuck offers to products that I like and find related to oil painting. What others have said about the site or it's products. Sometimes I'll put sponsors there (they too help pay for the development of the site) And I'm thinking also how best to use it too. Got some ideas? Drop me a line! I can always use your feedback on how to steer this ship!

Another great addition to the site is the Facebook application!

If you're a Facebook Fan, then you'll appreciate this. You can "like" a page, and comment on it's contents so your Facebook friends can see what all the hub-bub is about, and where you spend your valuable hours learning on how to paint great things!

Spread the word! Click on the like buttons and give me your comments on the site! You don't even have to leave the site, it's all right there for your convenience.

Make Easy Oil Painting one of your hang out places on Facebook!

In-depth how to paint a tulip.

In this demonstration, I go a little deeper into things to look out for in painting the Tulip.

I point out things that your should have in your tulip to help the viewer better understand the blossom.

You can get to the full demo from the "Flower Painting" navigation button, or click on the links below!

How to paint the tulip, a deeper approach.

In-depth how to paint a daisy.

Same idea as above, a more in-depth look at how to approach the daisy in your paintings.

And some talk about how to tackle this baby!

10 great beginner tips.

Here, I've put together the Top 10 things a beginner will need to pay attention to when starting out with oil painting.

For those that have been painting awhile, this article will be a good reminder of things you may have forgotten!

Check it out here: 10 Top Tips for beginners in oil painting.

Keen eyed reader!

A while back, I posted a demonstration on persimmons. The entire demonstration discussed the steps taken in producing it, and a great tutorial on how to prepare a masonite panel for painting.

Only one problem, the persimmons had a big flaw! A reader checked out the photo's really close and wrote me.

Find out my answer here to this great observation on my pesky persimmons painting.


Have you got one? The new color Kindles are a blast! What a great tool to use in the studio.

Because of this great little tablet, I've posted my E-book up to Amazons site for those that utilize the Kindle.

Have you purchased? I'd love to hear from you and the Kindle edition of "A Real Art Lesson". With the sales, and no returns, I'm thinking folks are happy, but I can't judge the product because, well, I don't own a Kindle or Tablet. Do I need to get one? Let me know your thoughts! Kindle download offer

And of course, if you don't have a tablet, but would like some excellent instructions on the method of painting, do check out my E-book here!

I'm now on Twitter! I find that if you reply to me rather then direct message (DM), I'll be able to find you easier. I get so much spam these days, I rarely check my direct messages in twitter any longer.

You can follow me, and I'll follow you back, but do reply to me that you are following so's I can follow you back! just tweet an "@delmus" in your tweet box!

Follow me on Twitter

Well I hope the information was useful to you. Future ezines will be in a similar format, just different information.

Let me know what you think! Have I helped you in any way? Twitter me, or drop me an email. I would love to see some of your work!

Till next time!

This is Delmus Phelps wishing you a happy painting day!


If you missed the 1st issue of the ezine, you can get it here, Ezine Back Issues.

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