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It was a sad realization, but a necessary one. Production costs and the fact that this video was created so long ago (almost 10 years ago, before everyone had HD television), we have made the command decision to let the 6 copies of this video that I have left, and the 4 copies of the "Real Art Lesson" on CD enjoy a well deserved retirement.  Like Disney and some of their famous movies of old, these two will go into a locked vault to collect dust. (To be auctioned off 100 years from now)

But don't be sad!  I am writing 2 new eBooks.  The first will be a super short cut method that most studio and illustrators use today in creating their works, and I will gather up all my old video files and do one for the yellow rose.

Understanding video is king, I simply don't have the equipment to create an HD video of the quality that it needs to be.  Maybe my kids will get me a nice Christmas setup gift!  Until then, I'll work on the eBooks as they are just as good in getting this information and instruction into your hands.  

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The Yellow Rose

An oil painting demonstration DVD

by Artist Delmus Phelps

A lot of folks would say, "it's impossible to learn to paint like this without years of instruction." I beg to differ. It's the PROCESS that makes it simple. If you are not satisfied in any way with the instruction, just drop me a line, I'll gladly refund your money!

Give it a try risk free! I know you'll be satisfied with the instruction, and you will learn tools that will give you a Lifetime of artistic freedom and joy!
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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I have two wonderful instructional eBooks available. See below for details when combining them!

Title Product Description Pricing Availability
A Real Art Lesson EBook art lesson Explaining and demonstrating 2 Still Life paintings using the Flemish Method, downloaded EBook. Includes Includes 3 bonus E-Books on anatomy, composition, & pencil drawing. This is a great item for the still life painter wanting to learn realistic still life painting. $19.97
Mabry Mill EBook. Using the indirect method of oil painting, downloaded EBook. Includes Includes 3 bonus E-Books on anatomy, composition, & pencil drawing. This is a great item for those learning to paint the landscape. $19.97

Both Ebooks.
Real Art Lesson EBook & Mabry Mill EBook combined.  A $10 savings.

art lesson PLUS , and 3 bonus E-Books!


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