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How I built this website and about easy painting. Here is my story...

From managing maintenance at a 2500 employee sized factory, to painting flowers and now a web business!

This is about easy painting and the creation of this amazing website.

It's always interesting to hear a fellow artist's journey. So here's my journey into the realm of art and about this painting website.

At 6 years old, my friend (Daniel D.) had extraordinary art skills. I remember the beautiful beach scene he made with crayons. Blue skies, crashing waves, sea gulls in the air...

I remember Daniel, tongue extended to the corner of his mouth, crayon pushed to the limit, extracting every ounce of color onto the paper as he mashed the wax down with each scrumble.

He had a vision and needed no preliminary outlines. Sometimes crayons broke, but at the end of the day he was a 6 year old wonder.

He was my inspiration...

Every time I pick up and smell a box of crayons, I'm rushed back to that day! I wanted to learn how to do that!

After High School, I dreamed of being an illustrator in the Air Force but the AF had me fixing radios for my 6 years.

artistShaved head, cold, and away from home courtesy USAF

I fell for the recruiters lines...

  • "Yes, your hair is short enough," (Remember, this was big hair days!)
  • "Yes, you'll be home for Christmas" (I had never been away from home before.)
  • "Yes, you can cross-train and become a pilot if you want!"

Needless to say, they were all lies, and, I was shaved bald, I missed Christmas with family, and I was never allowed to get out of the career they had chosen for me!

But, I never forgot my dream, and I kept painting...

After the Air Force I took a job in industry, but I continued to follow my passion:art. I worked in the factory and painted at night.

I'm not a naked painter, it was summer, and working in the factory, I painted late at night.

Like most artists, I am better communicating visually (through my paintings) than words...

And, like most artists today, I knew I needed a web presence for advertising. 

I attempted working that website on my own. Putting in tons of money, countless hours, and having to promote it too through the search engines. 

Having neither the skills nor the time to put into that website, (remember, my passion is painting) it sold less than 6 prints!

Then I discovered Site Build It...

More about easy painting techniques.

While searching online, I found a free SBI tool called Make Your Words Sell.

The booklet introduced me to the SiteSell.com (SBI) way of building a website. I wish I had that book 5 years ago when I built my first website. I would have saved so much money and time...

I also discovered (through the SiteSell process) that I could teach about my passion too! I didn't even know I could teach, but the process just opened up doors that, well, as you can see about easy painting techniques, it's brought the monster teacher out in me.

Read more about easy painting and my SiteSell experience below:

I'm not a computer wiz! Yet, I built this website using their program and so can you!

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Why is this important to you,
an Artist?

Ask yourself this, Why a website?

Most artists want to improve their art working skills. This site helps in that respect by providing some of the best art instruction found on the web. It's about easy painting techniques that improve your art.

The second thing you probably want is a way to sell your paintings!

That's where Site Build It would come into play.

I've had other artists proclaim a lot of negatives about building their own site, especially when you have such competition (at least in the print market) as image kind and fine art america. Other sites like Etsy are also in competition, but folks don't understand, you are still a little fish in a big market on these sites.

With an SBI site, which pulls alot of traffic, it can be funneled to these areas that offer your art work.

Why I love this SBI program

Before taking the leap, I did some research on their Site Build It(SBI) web site, and read about their performance record

I've not found a single web-hosting, web-building, promotional package yet that will post their customers success rates!

I looked closely at their testimonials and finally called to talk to a rep.

Being bitten by get rich schemes before with empty promises and pie in the sky guarantees, though my excitement level was hi, I was still hesitant.

Going over in my mind the SBI way and rereading the e-books, I couldn't sleep for 2 nights. My intuitive side kept stepping in and saying this was so right! After the 2 sleepless nights, and many discussions with my closest advisor, my wife agreed, lets try it! I took the leap and bought into the package.

One of the promises was that the site, once put together, would build traffic quickly and help direct it to my original site. But this isn't a get rich quick scheme! It took several weeks before I felt I had enough info ready to even begin publishing pages.

Site Build It helped me those first critical weeks to figuring out what exactly to write about, selecting a great domain name, and thinking of ways that the site could bring in income (monetizing). Site Build It removes the technical barriers allowing me to concentrate on building my business.

Many functions are completely automated. I don't need to know anything upfront about building a Web site in order to succeed. The tedious, "under-the-hood" stuff is handled automatically so I focus on other important business-building activities.

Take for example this "about easy painting" page. After typing up my text, I do a simple copy paste into their software, a wholla, you see what I've written!

My other site had the same functionality, but none of the front end help, or automatic features for promoting the site or building the site right the first time!

And I'm not ashamed to say, I paid 20 times more for my original site. (I've since shut it down) Yes, its been alot of work putting the site up, but I've had great help along the way with the guides, and the forums! I don't consider myself a "webmaster" or "computer geek". My html knowledge is very basic. What is "java-script?" Who cares, I don't need it to paint my paintings. Or in building this website with Site Build It.

And this site is now well positioned within it's niche!

And I've not spent a cent in "pay-per-click" advertising,or any other advertising for that matter! Not only that, But this site is generating some serious money (at least in my situation).

My passion is painting.  Anything that helps to increase my time at the easel is worth the effort.

We all have hobbies that we sometimes are very passionate about. Click here to see what you can do with your passion and knowledge!

I also need to acknowledge some very special people in my life. Without my wonderful wife, and support from family and friends, I don't believe I'd have been able to chase my dreams. I also would like to thank my daughter. As without her courage as an example, I probably would have never learned some very hard lessons. Click here to see her whole story: Marlena's website. The link will open in a new window.

It is a wonderful website setup for the support of families in crisis.

One of the things I personally have learned through the experience is one must live in the "today". It's ok to remember yesterday, as some of life's hardest lessons must be remembered, but never dwell to long there as life will slip past you. It's ok to dream about the future, because without goals, you will not know where to take the next step. But stay too long there, and you become just a day dreamer, as life again will slip past you. Concentrate on living for just today. Because today, right now, is where your happiness can be found.

We love and miss you baby!

I hope you've enjoyed learning about easy painting, and my artistic journey.  I would love to hear from you and your experiences with art.  You can reach me on the contact page (navigation button on the left).

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