Big problem!!!

by Liliana G. Fernandes
(S. Pedro do Sul (Portugal))

I have a very big problem...

For this painting, I'm now doing the dead layer, I used a special transfer paper that I purchased in a painting utilities store, it's a blue transfer paper.
The big problem is that now I begin to realize that it's almost impossible to cover the blue lines of my drawing. If you analyze the photo of the painting in attachment, you can see it!!!
I've tried every thing... I have painted the lines in lead white, that is the most covering (opaque) white, tried to paint it in gray, tried to cover it over and over but after one day or two the lines appears again.
I really don't know what else to do!!! I turn to you because I consider you my mentor, and someone that knows everything about painting!
Before I paint the canvas in white and restart the painting, please give me some hope... do you have a solution?

Liliana G. Fernandes


Hi Liliana! Yes, I've learned the hard way on this myself. I'm not a chemist, but I will give it my best shot. Someone else may come along and comment on this later also.

A sharpie permanent marker was my downfall with similar results of the ink bleeding through the paint after a few days.

The way I solved mine was to allow the painting (along with the bleeding blue lines) to dry for 7 to 8 weeks. I then coated the thoroughly dried work with a medium that is compatible with oil paints and will help seal the offensive lines so that future coats of paint will not pull the ink up through the layer. This medium is called "Liquin". It is an "alkyd dryer", and works nice as a touch up varnish that sealed my painting and allowed for my color layers to go on without incident.

I hope this helps you.


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Pen And Ink
by: Dr. Sunita Chowdhary

If we use the permanent ink for roterring pens used by architects (the brown colour)and the pen .5 mm to transfer the drawing on the canvas it doesn't bleed and is eventually covered in the layes of the paints that we are expected to do. It shows through the unber layer so once the grey layer is taken up the painting decides its tone and everything soo the ink lines are not an issue.This is used By the legend Mr. Antonov in his paintings.

Big problem
by: Liliana

Thank you very much all :-)
I'm trying the 1st solution that Mr. Delmus wrote,if it doesn't work I'll have to experiment your other ideas.
I will let you know if it helped or not.

Thanks again!!

This may help
by: Anonymous

I have found that if you spray paint with a clear gloss paint from a can it will cover everything and dry quickly and you can add to as you wish on your painting and it will not bleed.

I've had that problem too!
by: Yvette

I've had that problem too. I just wiped off all the oils with thinner, lightly sanded, wiped again, let it dry for a day then added a light coat of Gesso over it. I could still see my drawing and the ink was sealed.

Nice drawing. Like to see it when its finished.


Big problem
by: Liliana

Thank you Mr. Delmus, you have been very helpfull.
Now, it's only wainting :(
I had a exhibition in a month and now it not possible to exhibit it!


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