Can I paint over a painting done several years ago?

by Bob Ross enthusiast

Several years ago I took the Bob Ross coarse and loved it. I was pleased with the class and was very proud of my work.

Now after all of these years, as I sit and look at the one painting I wish that I could go back over the top of the mountain and reshape the top of it a little different.

Is there a way that I can do something with it?

Looking forward to your advice on this. Thanks

Artists Answer:

Yes you can! But with these things to remember.

1. If the painting was done in acrylics, you must continue in acrylics.

2. If the painting was done in oils, then you must continue in oils.

3. If the painting has had a varnish coat added, you'll need to contact a conservator at a museum to determine the best approach.

Most varnishes can be removed and you can then re-apply paint, but my knowledge in the chemistry needed is not sufficient. Talk to someone that does this for a living. Some of your better framers also know how to remove and re-varnish works of art.

4. A light sanding and then oiling out will help your next coat adhere over the mountain you would like to change. Just remember, a major change in which a dark area will be covered by a lighter color will most likely bleed through in the future. But we're talking a generation or so, as your light colored paint will fade. We're talking generations here, 50 to 100 years out. So, if what your great grandchildren think about your painting concerns you now, be careful.

I hope this answers your question.

Best wishes,

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