Can Liquin Original be used in the burnt umber and gray layers? Also,

by Laura Rosser
(Columbia SC)

Should the waterproof India ink be diluted before retracing the image on gessoed panel?

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Using liquin with multi-layered oil painting and India ink.
by: Delmus

Thanks for a great question, yes you can use liquin throughout the painting, but all subsequent layers should also use Liquin as you medium. This will insure proper bonding between layers as Liquin (Plasticates) the oil paint and makes other mediums unable to penetrate and bond to it.

I have never had an issue with de-lamination between layers when using this method.

Yes, you can dilute the india ink because sometimes it is so dark, it will show thru several layers of paint. Not that it bleeds thru but because it is so dark, especially in lighter color passages of your painting. I've also just used a 2hd pencil and coated the drawing with an acrylic medium to protect it. Subsequent oil layers are safe over acrylic, but not the other way round. Most "gesso" today is acrylic.
Hope this answered your question and happy painting!


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