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Career in Art?
How to tell if you're really an Artist!

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Career in Art?  Are you thinking about taking the leap, and using your art to earn a living?

You gotta answer this one question first.  The big question.
Am I really an artist?

  I, myself, struggled with this question for a very long time, and each time I asked myself this question, I came back with the resounding YES.  
And Oh, I wanted so much for a career in art to fully support my family. But it wasn't to be.

Though for many years, I wasn’t living off the income of my art, I was still continually producing it and improving my skills so that one day, my dream of having a career in art would come true.  

To be an artist, really, you only need a few things, but talent, in spite of what a lot of folks say, may not be one of them!  

The notion that you have received from birth some sort of peculiar ability that others are destined to only wish for is simply a myth!  You can’t describe it, define it, and worrying about whether or not you possess it only brings you down.

So, don't get down!

So what are the real requirements?

Lets look closely at what some successful artists seem to have in common.

Learn and Master Painting
  1. A child like wonderment of the world around them. An adventurous mind, a curious mind, a questioning mind seem to be a good start.

    A lot of folks in different professions have this quality, but for the artist, if you don’t have it, you simply will not grow in your craft! Your creative endeavors simply really need an active imagination.

    Without it, you’re just a copyist. (But hey, wait a minute, there are folks making great money doing that too!)

  2. Hard headedness, stubbornness, or persistent commitment to your craft. This persistence to produce art will keep you afloat when the roller coaster ride of life has you down in a valley.

    It’s easy to paint when things are going great, but when that bit of bad news hits, and you find yourself in your studio hard at work, finding both solace and peace in the process, then chalk this up as a prerequisite of having accomplished on your checklist of “being an artist”.

    Another way to look at this is when you look at any successful person, they always have this trait! They may have been knocked down a dozen times before, but yet, they get back in the ring. They persist until they succeed.

    Remember, Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before that first filament didn’t burn out, and gave us something we still use today, the light bulb!

  3. Good work habits and time management skills.

  4. Do you have to have all three, no, but if you're weak in any one area here, your art will suffer. You need to know your weaknesses. Knowing your weaknesses will help you channel energy into areas that need improvement, and will help you when you find yourself struggling and not understanding why.

    Oh, and one more big question:

  5. What is within your idle thoughts? When you’re driving down the road, or sitting sipping that latte. What things cross your mind? Is it a sport? A relationship? Your garden? Your pet? Or is it your next painting? Most successful artists are thinking about their art! They can’t help themselves, it bubbles up into their consciences’, and yes, sometimes at the strangest of times. (Just ask my wife ;)) But it’s always there, just below the surface, waiting time to express itself.

Retire To Something

So think on these four things.

What are your weaknesses? Are you willing to study, work at, and exercise those weaknesses to better your chances at being a successful artist?


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Are you looking at a career in art? 

Do you have some insight for others looking for a career in art that will help them?  Especially in determining what you feel is necessary to be an artist?

Come on and give us your 2 cents below:

How do you know you're really an artist?

There are many that could use your input. Come on and weigh in on this!

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