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Christmas Cactus oil painting example.

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The beautiful Christmas Cactus. Here are some great oil painting tips, especially as this is a subject for the Holidays! This piece was already in it's final color stages, but it's so beautiful, a Christmas Cactus Bloom with just the right red!

Here are some close up shots of the color layer.

oil painting demonstration tips
oil painting tips
christmas cactus painting
christmas cactus demonstration

Applying my oil paint, mostly light colors, to the pedals, then subsequent blending with the large mop brush.  As you see in the photo's below, this is my final layer in which most of my highlights and being put in. 

I also wanted to show you some of the technique in applying oil paints, blending with a blending or correcting brush, and finally soft blending "hypnotizing" the paint to eliminate all brush strokes.

christmas painting demo
christmas cactus how to paint

Applying paint to some of the pedals and then blending.

cactus painting
cactus picture

After much contemplation, something was just not right with the piece.  I then went to my favorite art forum, and got a little advice.  The suggestion was to glaze up the greens, which I did.  And this piece will be off to the Gallery once it has dried.

The photo's below show the oil painting process of applying the paint, and using the large mop brush to blend it out.  It also shows how much paint will get onto the mop brush.  This is normal and not of concern, simply wipe the brush into a dry rag to remove some of this paint. 

If it gets to much, you can wash it in your mineral spirits, and do the banging thing on the side leg of your easel, or within your trash can.  I prefer to wipe it as dry as possible then get another brush while this one will dry for several minutes.

oil painting tips
brush strokes
oil painting brush strokes

Here's the large mop with some excess paint left on from the blending.

cactus painting demo

Here's the completed work!

Christmas flowering Cactus

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