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Chrysanthemum flower art, a gorgeous blossom on three panels, triptych.

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A modern chrysanthemum flower art painting.  It is from a series of three paintings done from a single chrysanthemum plant in the front yard!  This one is a 24" x 48" (on three individual panels) triptych on cradled panels. Actual dimensions are 2 panels at 12" x 24" and center panel at 24" x 24".

This particular piece just had an overwhelming sense of Joy within it.  Of bright futures, of glorious mornings with the sun flowing across the garden.  There was just a touch of dew/frost on the petals that morning when the reference material was taken.  It was fantastic display of nature.  

The three panel effect does it's job here in splaying color across an entire wall!  Each panel is individually cradled and requires no frame.  

Folks have asked what a cradled panel is.  I'll try to explain.  The painting is on a panel.  1" cabinet lumber is permanently attached to the circumference of the back side.  This stabilizes the entire panel (prevents warping) and also serves as a means to attach it's hanging wire which becomes hidden.

When the panel is on the wall, the edge is flush with the wall. (Not leaning forward like most framed pictures)

The panels are best viewed with a 1/2" to 1" spacing.  Because it is a triptych, it has a real modern art feel to the work.  It's overall dimensions are perfect for a sofa painting.

Enjoy the celebration! I sure have.

Click on the thumbnail to get the full view, and enjoy!

This modern flower art painting is an oil painting on individual panels creating a triptych. Final dimensions are 24" x 48" plus 1/2" airspace between your panels.

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