Hi Mr Phelps, I had ordered and received your Secrets of the Old Masters download. So, I have finished the jug and grapes. I like the jug but the grapes came out woefully sad. I definitely would by pass them in the fruit section. I am just waiting for the piece to dry fully. And I am almost finished the pears and grapes. My grapes once again are a sad bunch, my pears are not bad, but I still would not buy them in the fruit section. My cloth needs ironing and the dish is sitting a tad crooked on the shelf.
May I upload them to this thread for your critique please when they are both dry?
Regards, Madena

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Free Critique with a proper submission.
by: Delmus

Hi Madena! Sure, I would be happy to look at the work. Just don't forget to send the pictures too!

also, keep in mind that we need at least or close to 300 words in your submission. My web guru says that unless 300 words are within the web-page, they don't like it.

But you shouldn't have any problem with that. I find most artist's love explaining the how, why, and other things that take place in creating a picture.

With best wishes,

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