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A Dahlia flower oil painting,

Titled: Wet and Wild Dahlia

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The Dahlia Flower, a small blossom that packs a lot of punch!  Are you looking for a fiery red, exciting floral design for your home?  When I first saw this dahlia flower, with its blossom full of reds, oranges, pinks and whites, I knew I was falling in love. 

All those intricate petal shapes and sizes moving around the central mass, each seeming to dance to its own music yet, as a whole the blossom was complete.

Upon closer inspection, I could see my little dancers were wet with dew, as if perspiring in the heat of the moment, and this only added to the complex design unfolding in the crisp morning air.  The light was changing and I didn't want to lose this exciting moment, so, back to the house for sketch book and camera. 

After several examples and views, I decided the full frontal straight onto the blossom would show its glory best. I had already decided too, that this would make for a great large scale painting.

Below, you see the results. 

This painting exudes excitement, thus the name.  Click the picture to zoom in and see some of the dew drops.


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More info on the dahlia flower painting:

Title:  Wet and Wild Dahlia

Size:  48" x 36" x 2"

On Gallery Wrapped canvas and ready to hang. 

I ship only within the continental US and charge a portion of the actual costs.  I use FED EX, as they do such a great job with fragile art work of this size.  The painting is on gallery wrapped canvas and ready to hang.  It is shipped insured for your purchase price.  I give a 7 day money back if not satisfied guarantee. 

This painting because of it's color and explosive design probably won't work well for the dentist's office foyer like some of my other large works have gone.  Those paintings were done with a calming color scheme and a hazy background.  This painting however, would work in an area where motivation and energy are needed and wanted.

Have an office where synergistic energies are needed?  An exercise room?  Or a living room that boasts your lively life style.  This is the painting that will help in those areas. 

Speed Painting Video of the creation of the Dahlia Flower

Below is a short film showing the process of this paintings creation.  The Dahlia was so tall, and my easel wouldn't go lower.  The next few days, as asked my wife had I hit myself on my shoulder somewhere, and then I remembered, my dahlia was putting a strain on my shoulder with an overreach to get to her petals up high on the canvas.  Next time, I move the easel off of its roll around table.

Here's a very close to scale view of what this work will do for a room!

And below, after the 1st color layer was completed, I took this progress shot.  You can see my color arrangement on the palette.  A full range of reds, yellows, browns and blacks. 

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