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Delmus Flower Art Prints, welcome to my new prints page!

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You're wondering where the my old Delmus Flower Art Prints site is?

Its actually changed over 10 years ago, but somehow, somewhere, folks still find me through that name!  This is my new teaching site, but I do offer flower art prints here!  There are lots of pages on flower art, how to create it, how to grow your own, and how to find my art.  Rose flower art prints, Pink prints, white flower and rose prints, contemporary, modern, some framed and most important, just plain beautiful.

Lets face it, I'm an independent artist.  I'm not a 1 percenter, I don't mass produce or "re-create" my paintings, and since I'm not dead yet, my originals go for a reasonable price.  Each is a unique and stand alone piece of art.  But I can only produce so many in a year, so to help my bottom line and make these paintings available to others, I do what most artists do today.  I print them.  Using archival materials, inks, papers and now metal!  See below for some example's of my work.  The full line of Delmus flower art prints will be available soon thru my Fine Art Site:  delmusphelps.com prints.  

A lot of folks ask me "why flowers".  Well, as a still life painter, I do a few landscape and portraits but still life has been something I've done since high school.  They have always included flowers within most of them.  You'll have to read my story on my about me page to get a better and full understanding.  Its a good story, especially with the story in seeing my first large scale flower painting on Gallery Row in Key West. 

One thing for sure, we take our time here on this Mother earth for granted most the time.  Stopping to smell the roses is not only important, but good for you.  Research backs this up.  So, stick around, check out some of the beauty, and if I could put some rose scent on your computer screen right now, I would. Speaking of roses.....

I'm so excited about this offer.  As this is a big endeavor for me to put out so many prints at one time, I would like to get the ball rolling before the holidays roar in.  (Did I just mention Christmas before Halloween?  For shame!)

These prints will be priced lower than what I offer on my fine art site.  Why?  I appreciate your presence here on my teaching site.  So many have responded as to how helpful the site has been, and I hope this too can be of help in your paintings.  These prints can give you a better idea of the final product when using the techniques discussed on the site.  And can be given as gifts, or to use in decorating your home and studio space.  Being surrounded by beauty has always been a fantastic motivator to get my own creative juices flowing.  It will for you too!

Delmus flower art prints come in 2 sizes.  Typically, they sell for $47 and $77 respectively on my fine art site.  I will be setting these at $27 and $47 for a short time.  My prints come with free shipping too (US) and a little up-charge of Canadian customers, (just to help with the shipping).

Rose flower art prints

The Rose is America's #1 flower, roughly 85% view it as their favorite.  So much so, it's also our nations official flower!  It also is my favorite, as you can tell in my paintings, I paint them a lot.

Below you will find a selection of what I believe will suit your vision of what a rose both represents, and in a wonderful work of art that can be included in your collection.  To help you in this, I've included a link to my "rose color meaning page" so that you can get the right color for the occasion.  Of course, if you just like a particular color, then by all means, get a print of that color!

Pink rose print
red rose print
yellow rose print

Click on the image to get a larger view, and there is a zoom feature too!

A little more about our favorite flower, the rose.  Roses have been represented in literature, poetry, symbolism, and of course art throughout the world. 

One of the first great symbolism’s was during the War of Roses 15th Century England where the House of York was represented by the white rose, and the House of Lancaster by the red rose.  Can you imagine a couple of NFL football teams taking on the rose for their mascot?

Roses have been used for medicinal purposes, as an aphrodisiac, in cosmetics and perfumes, aromatherapy and even worshiped!  There is so much history behind this flower its crazy!  Check out this page if I've enticed you to learn more, a short history of the rose.  

Pink flower art prints

Well, pink flowers are not just for girls.  Since the Victorian age, floriology (the language of flowers) pink flowers have been seen as a softer way to show your affection, compared to the fiery passion of red roses.

Pink Delmus flower art prints can be sent as congratulatory gifts as they represent joy, happiness and love. That doesn’t mean they don’t signify romantic love either, as today, they are a popular color for bridal bouquets, and anniversary gifts. Pink is a perfect color to congratulate a couple with a newborn, your Mom on Mother's day, and bridal gifts.

pink rose of sharon flower art print
pink orchids flower art print
pink peony flower art print

Now, be mindful, what is a normal thing to do here in the west may be a bit different in the East, (Asia, Japan, Philippines).  The pink chrysanthemums is strongly associated with the after life and funerals.  

The Pink Rose - symbolizes Love, Gratitude, Appreciation

As a classic symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as a token of admiration and appreciation. Whether they are for your fiance, your best friend, a pink rose bouquet will let them know they are appreciated and bring you happiness. A super nice way to say "thank you".

Pink flowers represent gentility, grace, and happiness. No matter the type of flower – from the small pink rose bud, to a huge full bloomed peony, pink blossoms convey youth, innocence, and joy. 

The color pink represents caring, compassion and love. The pink color stands for unconditional love and understanding, and is associated with giving and receiving care. Since pink is a combination of red and white, both colors add a little to its characteristics.

The same can be said in Spiritual circles.  Biblical or Spiritual meaning behind the color Pink or Fuchsia, usually means right relationship. It is a color that is worn by the clergy only twice during the liturgical year, and they refer to it as the color "rose" as apposed to pink.  "Rose" meaning a mixture of red (blood) and white (holiness, purity).  It is for a time of joy during a period of penance and prayer.

White flower art prints

White flowers usually represent purity, & innocence. They can be used to show you feel that your love is pure and that the object of your affections love is also pure.

A dozen white roses can also say, “I’m sorry” after a disagreement, or argument.  Are you in the dog house?  Here's how to fix that.  

small white rose on shelf flower art print
White Rose close up view flower art print
White Magnolia blossom flower art print

White means safety, purity, and cleanliness.  

White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. 

White emanates innocence,  youth, and perfection.  It has has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning, and a fresh start.

Modern flower art prints

A trend today is to show a very close up view of the flower.  When this is done on a very large canvas, super hyper realism is achieved in the technique.  Below are a few that I've done.  Today's modern trends tend to be less bulky,  (no framing) with a gallery wrapped painting or a clear glass or Plexiglas enclosure for the art, making it so that your attention is on the art rather than it's framing.  

Bell peppers still life art print
Grapes and pears still life art prints
garlic and peppers still life art print

Contemporary art prints

Prints on metal, minimalist display of art, no harm done hanging or work.  These are today's contemporary trends.  I'm growing my collections now on Displate.   This is such a great idea!

So what's Displate?   It is a contemporary way of viewing art.  A nearly indestructible metal panel, that is thin and light weight, and has an archival image permanently attached.  Its set off the wall just a few centimeters and has no cumbersome hardware, framing, or thick edges.  Just a pure, minimalist showing of a beautiful piece of art.  Click the above link to see the examples.

Framed prints

Delmus flower art prints that are ready to hang and enjoy.  A little higher on the shipping for these as these wooden frames (and some matting) need more protections and weigh a bit more than just the print alone.

framed pale blue hydrangea flower art print

8.5" x 11" print matted framed overall outside dimension is 11" x 15".  Flower art print of pale blue hydrangea.

framed sunflowers and duck still life flower art print

13" x 19" print double matted overall outside dimension is 18" x 22".  Flower art print of "Van Gogh Sunflowers" still life flower painting.


Beautiful Delmus flower art prints

Beauty in nature, and why the flower brings such happiness, here's a link to my research on happiness page, and a few more examples of my best flower art prints.

red yellow fall maple leaves art print
orange and red dahlia bouquet flower art print
red maples leaves dancing with dew flower art print

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