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Delmus Phelps Fine Art Gallery of Contemporary Oil Paintings created in the classical methods.

Delmus Phelps Fine Art Gallery, an online gallery of contemporary oil paintings created using the classical techniques by the artist.

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These works are also available on my Personal Fine Art Site:

Fine Art of Delmus Phelps site. 

If the painting is in possession of a Gallery, then the link goes to my page within that Gallery (Brick and Mortar real life retail establishment), or to my contact page in which you can let me know of your interest.

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Delmus Phelps Fine Art Originals Available

Single Red Rose

8" x 10" oils on panel board.  A single crisp red rose!  Check out my video from my fine art site on its real meaning, and why not just anybody should receive one.

yellow moth orchid art

Twin Delights
30" x 40"

christmas cactus painting

Christmas Cactus
30" x 40"

pink blossom rose monarch butterfly

Pink Blossom Rose
16" x 20"

yellow roses art

Eternal Beauty
30" x 40"

girl with a pearl earring

After Vermeer
9" x 12"

red azalea painting

Pink Surge
30" x 60"

after vermeer girl in a red hat

After Vermeer II
9" x 12"

plate of grapes oil painting

Oma's Sunday Plate
8" x 10"

avocado art

Avocado on Red
8" x 10"

christmas angel

Snow Globe Angel
8" x 8"

fruit orange art

Orange still life

sea shells art

Summer Memories

golden dahlia art

golden dahlia

wedding art

Rings and Roses

Original Landscapes Available!

Click here to see the collection.     A whole lot of new works can be found here!

landscape oil painting mountain
landscape lake painting
landscape painting smith mountain lake

Abstract Paintings Available:

Galleries that carry my work:

Smith Mountain Lake Art Gallery, "The Little Gallery"

Located on Smith Mountain Lake, one of the largest lakes on the Easy Coast of the U.S., near Roanoke, Virginia.  A vacationers dream.  Fun in the sun (fishing, boating, dining) and SHOPPING! Click the link for more information on this amazing art gallery!

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Sold Archives!

Interested in my sold pieces!  Want an idea for a commissioned work, or just wanting to see what your neighbors have put into their own homes.  Just click here to see them!

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