First attempt using flemish technique!

by Aaron

Free Banana, oil painting of a banana.

Free Banana, oil painting of a banana.

I do have a quick question about one thing: when applying the first color layer, how do you decide how much medium to use?

Obviously the canvas has linseed oil on it from from the "oiling out" process. But when loading the brush, when do you add the medium and how much?

Do you lightly load the brush then dip into the medium?

Or do you soak the brush in the medium and then load the brush?

How translucent should the color be once it goes onto the canvas?

Actually, the last two weekends have been spent fighting with the color layer. The yellow of the banana in particular. I can't seem to mix the right yellow color!! And, when I do get a color that's somewhat acceptable, it looks green when layered over the dead layer!! week later....

This picture makes the banana appear a little more yellow than it actually is...thanks for the advice on the color mixing!

This has definitely been the most challenging layer so far.


I've actually read through the book several times already. Your book is very streamlined and easy to follow! Great job!

Editors note:

The above submission was one of our first submissions to the site. Way back in 2009! It is as applicable today as it was back then, and I'm so glad I found it. Thanks Aaron for the kind words on the E-Book! It's of course, been revised a few times since then, but it's always nice to see where the material has helped someone in their quest to paint a better picture!

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Nov 27, 2009
Yellow turning green?
by: Delmus

Hi Aaron,

I'm glad you took the advice about mixing burnt umber with yellow to darken it rather than the black, (which turns it green)! Concerning the medium. I usually mix my paint first, then add a touch of medium to the brush, then mix in the paint, then apply. This is a fantastic example of a first attempt. Sharing the umber layer, grey layer and color layer will helps others in their projects!

Best Regards, and Happy Painting!

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