First time Bob Ross painter

by Paula Haller
(Lakewood WA USA)

wet in wet oil painting of an orange

wet in wet oil painting of an orange

Can a painting be done over a period of time or is it best to finish at one sitting. Never worked with wet in wet.

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wet in wet painting
by: Delmus

It depends on what you want to achieve. If you can accomplish your goals in one sitting, then by golly, go for it.

Plein Air painters have been doing it a long time this way. Sometimes, they will tweet the work alittle bit when they get back home from the fields, but mostly put a frame on it and head for the next adventure.

Me? I tend to tweek.

As a perfectionist, I will rework a piece until I exhaust all my doubts concerning the work. It's a flaw actually because it impedes my creative freedom. But I live with it.

Thats the beauty of painting! If you can achieve the goals you started out with in your mind for what the painting should look like, then one sitting is fantastic. It doesn't hurt the painting in any way to come back to redo or rework or paint over certain areas. Be mindful that if painting over a dark area with a light color, in 200 years from now, that light color will fade and reveal the underpainting. Outside of that particular downfall, you should be fine.

There is the fat over lean rule too if you are going to overpaint. I talk about that elsewhere on the site. Just put fat over lean in the search box and you'll find the article.

I hope I've answered your question Paula.

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