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This is my art shopping section, and you'll find some of my fine art products and things that I use and recommend right here!

Oil paintings at it's finest!  I know, I can't help myself sometimes, but I do believe the art I create is something very very special.  Yes, it is a shameless plug for my fine art site, so if you are so inclined, and adventurous enough to click below, and see for yourself some really beautiful works of art.  The site uses secure technology, which makes for a safer web browsing experience, and also if you decide to purchase, your information is safe.

The fine art of Delmus Phelps (D.G.Phelps) at delmusphelps.com

Are you in the market for
original flower art?

I also post some of my original flower art oil paintings here on this teaching site for those that want a close up view, and then they can be purchased through my Etsy Store.  Etsy handles all the charge card stuff for me, making my job easier and allows for more time for me to paint!  They also carry all of my other paintings that are available online. 

How-To instructions on how you can create your own flower art or still life and landscape paintings.

It's finally here! My first DVD painting demonstration.  It's a nearly 2 hour session that shows you everything from start to finish of how to paint a Yellow Rose using the classical flemish technique.  I show you some shortcuts, and other time savers so that you can finish your painting fairly quickly.  This will improve your own flower art paintings!

It's produced with the beginner and intermediate artist in mind.  Established artists will like it too as it shows this entire technique and can be viewed in fast mode, or you can jump to particular chapters to get to exactly what interests them.

You can get more information here at "The Yellow Rose, An Oil Painting Demonstration"

If you've enjoyed these free art lessons, imagine what a book with 250 photo's showing each step by step process for not one, but 2 paintings!

Well, I've got one! and you can have it now!  It's a PDF E-book that shows this technique in full color from step one to the end.  It is very inexpensive compared to other courses. You can download this lengthy eBook, and be painting within a few minutes!

  I'm very passionate about this information because I believe it is our heritage in art. That's why I practically give the information away.

It's just too important to our art heritage.

The picture is of one of the 2 paintings demonstrated. Not only are 2 paintings demonstrated, but the technique is good for portraits, floral, and landscapes.  I discuss this in the book.

I also show you dozens of oil painting practices (like exactly how to mix paint) and other tips to make your painting experience FUN!  Just click on the button below, it sends you to my information page on "A Real Art Lesson".

Not Sure?

Click below to get more information, pricing and read about an important find and bonus gifts that will really surprise you!

More Information here on this wonderful opportunity!

Would you rather just have the e-book on a CD.  I've got it available through Click Bank also.  Just check out at the bottom of the information page. 


How to paint the landscape!

You'll find so much information within this eBook.  Not only how to paint a landscape using the flemish technique, but information on composition, the golden mean, atmospheric perspective, mixing colors, vanishing points.  Another great addition to your art text book collection!

Click here or the image to get more information.

For Kindles and other tablet devices.

Do you have a Kindle or other Tablet Device.  Here's a solution for you!  You can get either of these great eBooks from Amazon.  Just click the links to have access to this wonderful instruction and read them on the go!

A Real Art Lesson eBook for tablets and Kindles. (opens in a new window)

Mabry Mill Landscape Oil Painting Demonstration for tablets and Kindle. (opens in new window)

Products that I use and endorse.

Yep! I buy art lessons myself.  I am always trying to improve my painting, and the only way I've done this in the past is to get as much good information as I can.  Living in a medium sized town, our libraries have run out of flower art books that I have read multiple times. 

Here are some of my reviews of great art lessons that you can view over and over, and are guaranteed to improve your paintings!

A Complete DVD Art course on painting.

 This course is primarily for the beginner and intermediate artist.  Read my complete review to get the full scoop on this amazing course.  Click the link above.

Learn to Draw People 

A realistic pencil portraits course that is a must for the serious art student.  This course will train your eye to hand co-ordination and will improve your drawing.  Check out the review on what I found most helpful in the course.

Master Color with Richard Robinson

See the painting I've done as a direct result of this course.  Yes, it helped me immensely in understanding atmospheric perspective and the use of color contrasts to put that POP into your paintings!

List of Art supplies that I use.

This link takes you to the page I list all my supplies. 


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What people are saying about the DVD and E-book.

From Susan in ME:
Astoundingly beautiful art, well written instructions. THANKS!

From Debra in OK:
Thanks Delmus your e-book is great, I see things I've been doing wrong already.

From Mickael in Israel:
Thanks a lot for this incredible lesson!

From Anne in GA:
WONDERFUL ! Easy to Follow ! Great Detailed Photo's

From Linda in AK:
Thanks for the DVD. High Quality Art Instruction. Fair Price.

From Horst in Germany:
Best book on the subject I've seen so far! - many thanks

From Herbert in WA:
Very useful information. Highest recommendation!

From Diana in FL:
Excellent art lesson, can hardly wait to use this technique. Thanks

From Susan in ND:
Fantastic teaching! Thank you for this affordable purchase.

From John in ID:
well worth the money!

From Henry in MO:
Excellent seller! Excellent product! Recommend!!

From Elizabeth in VA:
Very informative and well written. Thank you.

From William in Canada:
Fantastic Art Instruction.

From Judit in Canada:
Very informative detailed material, much better than Ca&%er method!

From Cynthia in CA:
Thank you~ the ebook is absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing your talent!

And many-many more, but my hand is cramping from trying to type this list.

I think however, that you get the picture with these.

It supports things on several levels, both in terms of the art instruction, but also the service people get from me personally when they have questions or problems with their order.

People simply love these lessons on how to paint using this method!

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Still Life Instruction

learn oil painting, oil painting techniques

Flower Painting DVD
learn oil painting, oil painting techniques

Landscape Painting
oil painting demonstration

Highly Recommended

Insightful, and reinforces techniques and theories discussed here. What are you waiting for, go see for yourself! Read my complete review.

Mastering Color - Click here for more info.