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So many flower petals, so little time to paint them!

A big hello again, and I'm glad you've made it to my flower petal demonstration part of the lesson.

flower painting

This photo shows completion of the color layer in the background and down the left side.

One of the things that I think brings this painting to life is the out of focus petals in the foreground. It really makes you believe you have your face right up close to the flower blossom and are gazing into the center.

Stick with me, and I'll explain how to paint these flower petals and out of focus foreground.

The photo below shows paint being laid into the middle petals.

chrysanthemum flower painting

Here's a close up of the same shot. The color is blocked in with some of the gray layer peeking through. Notice too that the paint strokes are broad and loose.

This paint is quite thick and is applied quickly.

I want to get the colors on the canvas and then stand back to see where I will begin the blending process.

flower petals painting

In this photo, we see the blending that has occurred on those middle petals.

flower petals picture

And as we back away from the work to see how it all looks at this point. I begin here too to add color to the very center of the blossom.

The color is blocked in very loosely.

mums painting

Here's a close up shot of the center flower petals color blocked in.

petals painting demo

Now in this shot, we begin to blend the paint for each and every petal.

Note that I drag paint out of it's boundary in the big petal in the foreground.

This is where I begin the process of over blending, which will make the petal become out of focus.

petals painting demonstration

Below is a view further back that shows most of the painting completed.

The photo above shows the initial blending that takes place with a dry blending brush. The photo below is how it looks after using the mop brush.

painting of flower

Here you can see the the size of mop brush I use in final blending of the individual petals.

I also use a much larger brush over the entire canvas before it gets too tacky to set and soften all edges.

using mop brush

In the final layer, I place some dew drops and reflections on certain petals.

They aren't readily seen from the distance, but as you step closer into the painting these little touches become evident, and are a pleasant surprise.

chysanthemum oil painting

I hope you've enjoyed this demonstration. Was it helpful?

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Interested in this artwork?

The original is on my online gallery page .

Thank you for your time, and if you decide to paint a flower with loads of petals like this, share it here on the site!

Folks really enjoy seeing others art work here, and it's amazing how well some of it really is!

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