Food Art Onions, a still life demonstration

Food art onions.  Thats an awkward title for sure.  But bear with me till I redo the page, in the meantime, do enjoy the film and the information.

Below the video you will find the still photos of the process plus and explanation of each step.  The Video is a compilation of these photo's into a neat little you tube video with some great background music!

Learn and Master Painting

food art onions

Food art onions, in this painting lesson, some more food art, (with onions) are demonstrated. Last month we did a set of onions, and this month a second set of onions with the tops positioned differently, and the size about 10% larger on each onion.

Click here to see last months example of "Tips from my Easel"

Here are the beginning photo's.

This is the reference photo.

Here is the completed ink tracing and ready for the imprimatura.

The Imprimitura has been applied, you can see the brush strokes of paint.

A close up of brush strokes. (above)

A close up of brush strokes gone after using the dry brush blending mop. A very uniform coat of paint. (above and below)

The application of the umber layer.

Soft brush blending completed.

Re-application of paint for the umber layer to be darker. Close ups

More close ups.

After final blending and allowed to dry before the next part of the process, the dead layer, is started.

The dead layer for this oil painting tips is laid in.

It's done rather quickly with a larger brush just to get the paint down.

Close ups of the paint application.

As you can see, the paint is applied quickly, and then the correcting brush is used to move the paint to the edge of a transition line, blend with a tone next to it, or smooth out to remove large blobs of paint.

Close ups of the correcting brush completed.

Remember, blending can take longer than actual paint application.

Then the soft dry mop brush to smooth out all brush strokes.

Close ups of the right 2 onions that are now awaiting to dry for their colors layers to be applied.

Click here to go to the 2nd part of this demonstration that talks about the color layers and the finishing layers. It has twice the number of photo's and is probably one of the sites best demonstrations thus far!

 Food Art Onions demonstration Part 2.

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