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If you're like me, you like free!  You've found one of the webs most comprehensive sites on oil painting and drawing techniques, and the techniques discussed and demonstrations given are indeed FREE!  So sit back and relax!  Why?

Learning about art should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience, not a rushed, quick information gathering, sound bites like you would get with the Network News! 

There is a great deal of information here, but don't let that stop you from exploring!  I've tried to organize it in bite sized pieces of information, and categorize it so you won't get lost.  So pull up a chair and your favorite beverage, and imagine yourself on that houseboat floating down the river with me.  As we go round the next bend, take your time and discover this wonderful medium of producing great works of art!

houseboat river painting

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This particular page will discuss what my google analytics says are some very popular pages and discussions to be found here.  Popular in that they appear to be what folks are looking for when doing searches, and, folks stick around a read both the page in question and discover and explore more afterwards. 

Let's get started!

Top 10 Free Art Lessons here on
Easy Oil Painting & Drawing Techniques.

1.  When I saw this I thought, wow, how come?   I suppose it's purely because folks just love this guy and his teaching technique. 

Bob Ross style painting!  It's found in the landscape painting section.  I talk about my own experiences in this style of painting, and why it is such a great learning tool in expanding your own knowledge base.

2.  The next most popular page is one on Still life Symbolism.  I talk about what the objects represent, what their hidden meaning is within the painting.  I answer questions like, why do we see candles, skulls, and pocket watches in still life paintings.

3. This next one I'm happy to see.  It talks about the Top 10 Beginner oil painting tips for folks just starting out.  These free art lessons and tips are simply priceless tidbits of information that I've learned over the years that will make your painting experience more pleasant!

4a.  The next two pages ranking is in the same area of the site, the Color Mixing Section.  The color wheel is a full very comprehensive page of information of the different color wheels, and color schemes and combinations to use within your paintings. 

4b.  Close in ranking is the page on color psychology.  Did you know one of the top things customers use in selecting artwork is color?  Get the whole story on this and why UPS trucks are brown, and why that police officer in the car behind you is usually in a blue uniform.

free art lessons, alla prima lesson

5. Our next page in the top ten free art lessons talks about Alla Prima painting (all in one go) technique.  This Oil Painting Process is a technique that was developed due to something the Impressionists used in the late 1800's. Tubed paint (more on that in the Art Styles pages) made the technique possible. 

6.  Another very popular page, and also a launching pad for a Selling art Online as a part of a career in art.

If you are really interested in a full time career in the arts, here are some useful discussions on what we do as full time artists within studio practices and the business end of things.

7.  Now I wrote this a couple years back, but the information is still very much relevant.  Deciding on a digital camera is as relevant today as it was 2 years ago.  Why do I tell you that?  Electronic gadgets and toys like cell phones, camera's, laptops are almost obsolete in 2 years after they are purchased.  Digital cameras today have made such leap in features, but the basics of what you need are still the same! Read this article to find out what you really need in a digital camera today as an artist.

digital camera view size

The last few top free art lessons on Easy Oils!

8.  Value scale in art

Another oldie but goodie.  When you get this right, even if others things are out of whack, this will pull a painting together.

9.  Landscape oil painting by far the most popular type of painting done today, find out why!  Coarse personally, I prefer flowers, but don't let that hold you back!  I have an entire section on landscape painting.

And Finally, a complete set of free art lessons on drawing!

10.  Drawing Lessons

Yes, I can count, this does make 11.  But I cheated by combining the 2 color pages! 

And I couldn't forget about this important launching page for everything you need in learning how to draw.  I've been told to split this off to a 2nd site, but I can't seem to bring myself to abandon drawing in conjunction with painting because the painting is drawing with a brush!

drawing lessons