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Free photo stock, or royalty free stock photo's.  What's it mean? It means you can use these photo's for your next painting!  It means you now have a place to come to get some great ideas!  It means, you can pay it forward, contribute your own photo's, and help someone else that maybe can't get out, and needs something to paint!  

Come on! Join in and lets make this the go to place for your art club, craft group, whatever, that has a need for a beautiful flower picture, or that adorable kitten photo you've been aching to show off!  Now's your chance!  Put it up here, who knows, you may be helping a young Rembrandt paint something that will astound the world!

Learn and Master Painting

See below on how to contribute!  Not ready to share just yet? No worries, read about what others have done by scrolling down just a bit to see what others have shared.

Because the software behind the scenes controls the image size, please feel free to include closeups of the photo if you know how.  Usually a picture program will allow for cropping, so if there is a center of interest you think other will enjoy seeing close up. Then crop that section out and increase it's size.  You can upload several photo's for the same page.  When I figure out this new camera my boys got me for Christmas, I'll include a few too so that you know what I mean.  

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

Have a great picture to share? Need a great picture to paint?

We all run out of ideas sometimes, and having a place to find great reference pictures is a must. I've decided to post some of my own here, and I know you will want to pay it forward and do the same.

These are free for you to use in your artwork. If you use the photo's in any advertisement, reference to the website is greatly appreciated! Enjoy! and Contribute!

Attention: Due to new Google requirements as to what is a legitimate web page, I will ask one additional requirement. Your article and submission must be at least 300 words in length!

That's roughly 4 decent paragraphs. Now honestly, when has an artist been at a loss for words when it comes to describing their artwork or the reference material they use in creating it?

Tell us about the passion you have in taking this picture, tell us about the techniques, struggles and triumphs you found and felt while creating it.

If you've submitted a picture before but cannot find it now, well, this is why. Not enough information was submitted.

If it did meet the 300 word requirement, it may have been combined with others to make article longer and have more pictures of the same subject.

Or, it may have been deleted.

Please re-submit your work! (But abide by the new rule of 300 words) Most word-processors will count the words for you, spell check, and grammar correct too. Then just copy and paste to here!

What Others have already contributed!

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Crashing Wave pictures for painting. 
Yachats is on the Oregon coast, a favorite place for artists. It is an hour and a half drive north of Coos Bay. We go there as often as we can. The …

Tropical Island Paradise Flower Pictures 
Orchids in Yeomiji Botanical Garden Jeju South Korea. There were many orchids and I enjoyed taking the picture; however, my beautiful wife had been patient …

Stargazer lily, lily flower 
Here's another great lily my florist friend allowed me to photograph. They were actually a present to my wife from her. (our anniversary) They are …

Magnolia Flower, Southern Magnolia 
During a particularly sad time in our life, while visiting Duke University Medical Center, daily strolls were a required thing to do. To keep things from …

Waterscape pictures for painting. Not rated yet
last set of pictures of this park,,, everywhere you look there is a painting begging to happen.... enjoy

Lily Pictures to paint by. Not rated yet
These are some of the favorite flowers, making the yard smell soooo good. the passion flowers are blooming strong this year, will have to divide it …

Roses for drawing and painting! Not rated yet
these pictures were taken yesterday in our front yard. it had rained lightly through the night so there was dew drops all over the roses. Most fo the …

Seascapes of Oregon Coast Not rated yet
These sea pictures were taken just off the cliff's near Shore Acres State Park. I wanted some pictures that were not all big splash stuff, but just lots …

Rose Pictures to Paint  Not rated yet
This yellow rose was a gift from my brother. We planted it between our driveways with our neighbor (the preacher with the green thumb and grand azalea …

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