Mabry Mill, a landscape oil painting demonstration
E-book in PDF format.

A full guide and instruction 

In this landscape oil painting demonstration of Mabry Mill, you'll be right there, looking over my shoulder while I walk you through, step by step with these painting instructions.

Yes! You REALLY can paint like this!

Learn how to paint in this landscape oil painting demonstration with artist Delmus Phelps

Thousands of people just like you have discovered the secret to unlocking their artistic potential by following the few simple rules given to you in my first electronic book "A Real Art Lesson".

Expand your knowledge base and include landscape painting to your arsenal of tools.

landscape oil painting demonstrationlandscape oil painting demonstration

You won't believe your own eyes at what you can accomplish.

Capture the joy of painting and creating things of beauty with your own gorgeous oil painting.  An oil painting that you create following this step by step technique, and once learned, can be repeated over and over again so you'll enjoy a lifetime of artistic freedom in creating many more masterpieces.

  • Have you tried painting before and your work just looked amateurish?

      These lessons will help you reach better goals!
  • Have you had painting lessons before, and your work just didn't seem to improve?

      These lessons will improve your painting!
  • Have you wanted to start an exciting and rewarding hobby yet didn't know where to take the first step?

      This step by step process is for beginners through experienced artists.
  • Have you ever wondered if your part time hobby could turn into something more?

      If this doesn't get your heart pumping, not much will.

  • Hi, my name is Delmus Phelps. I've been painting for over 35 years, (my first commissioned sale was in 1974!) and along the way, I've learned a great many things that I would like to pass along to you!

    Allow me to qualify a statement I made earlier in believing this is one of the most effective oil painting methods ever developed.  I've tried most of them on the market today, and I keep coming back to these simple truths.  And I've been painting most of my adult life!  The final clincher for me though, is in the galleries!  I explain further down the page, so.....

    I've put some of my own art work here from using these simple oil painting techniques in order for you to appreciate the style of painting that I do, and the type of paintings that this technique will allow you to create.

    Come and join me in this landscape oil painting demonstration of Mabry Mill, one of Virginia's prime destination spots.

    Cotton Candy Sunrise on Smith Mountain Lake Virginia

    landscape painting of smith mountain lake sunriselandscape oil painting demonstration

    House-boating on Smith Mountain Lake Virginia

    House boat on lake oil paintinglandscape oil painting demonstration

    Lake at Otter Lodge, Abbott Lake at Peaks of Otter Virginia

    oil painting of Abbott Lake in Bedford Virginia

    Mirror Cove on Smith Mountain Lake Virginia

    oil painting Smith Mountain Lake Cove

    Ol' Massie Ferguson tractor on Bedford Farm

    landscape oil painting Old Massie ferguson tractor in Bedford virginia

    Why do I put my own work here for you to see?

    Quite simply, so you can judge for yourself the quality of the art. Most of the art lessons that I see online are not for paintings like these! So much is left out and you only get a part of the story. It also will help in your understanding of the depth, color and style of this wonderful technique that I show you!

  • Yes, you really can paint like this using this technique. Can you write your A,B,C's? Then you have enough eye to hand coordination to do this. If you can tell the difference between green, red and blue, then you have enough learned skills already to take this course!

  • I don't just show you how to create one painting! I show you in depth, the technique that will allow you to free your mind of the how-to's and concentrate on the joy and beauty of the painting you are creating. (Like any craft, once you know the steps, you can then concentrate on the statement, the beauty, the image you have in your mind.)

  • Not sure how to start? I show you each and every step. Canvas, brushes, paints, mediums! I explain what they are for, what works for me, what other artists use and works for them.

  • You will know exactly how to start your painting. You will know exactly when the painting is finished! No more anxiety of wondering should you add just this little more.

  • Concerned you may be too old to start a hobby like this? My web guru showed me an interesting statistic. Most of my customers were indeed retired! Wow! (And you can see some of their great work on my site). So don't be afraid to get started.

  • Concerned you may be too young to try this? I first learned this technique from my High School Teachers! (which placed me in the late teens) and one of my first paintings won a prestigious statewide wildlife award.

  • Concerned about having to follow a bunch of rules? Don't be! Painting is like music. Music has a process or formula that is followed to make it sound good. Like playing the violin, these tools merely show you How To Play. I show you how to finger the strings and saw to bow! You play the individual notes and the music is still your very own!

  • Order this landscape oil painting demonstration on E-book now, and you'll be reading it, and painting tonight!

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    Here's what you'll DISCOVER within "Mabry Mill, a landscape oil painting demonstration"

  • You will learn all the technique needed to do any painting you would like.

    These same techniques can be used for the portrait and the still life!

  • With over 110 pages of information (PDF Format) and 200 photos you get a complete how-to manual.
      As much information as a weekend seminar.

  • How to prepare the canvas step by step.
      No more frustrating issues with your materials
    landscape oil painting demonstration

  • How we transfer the drawing to the canvas.
      You don't have to know how to draw yet.
    learn how to paint professionally

  • You will see up-close, the umber under-layer, and how it is done.
      No more guess work in how to start your painting
    learn how to paint like you mean it

  • You will learn how to mix your paints.
      This is so simple, you wonder why they don't teach it in middle school
    learn to paint like anything

  • How to make the "dead layer" or Gray layer, and why.
      Your shadows and half shadows are never a problem anymore.
    learn how to really paint

  • Closeups of brush strokes and how the paint is applied.
      The guess work in how to put paint to canvas will be gone.
    learn how to paint in oils

  • All the details are taught to make your paintings stand out.
      My favorite part - This is where you will step back and say to yourself, "Did I really just create that?"

    learn how to paint realism

  • And many more photo's and explanations than what I can give you here. This is a section on composition templates!

    learn how to paint classical

    I also have a nifty tool for you to use should you decide you want to paint along side me.  It's a graphed photo of the painting that you simply download the picture and print out on your printer using the poster format.  In this way, you graph your canvas and/or trace the outlines directly to the canvas and begin!

    landscape oil painting demonstration

    Don't have a computer in your art studio? No problem! With the hi quality PDF format, you can print out this manual and view these great instructions/photo's from anywhere! (Every e-book I've ever owned, I've done this to. I read better from a hardcopy book for some reason)

    Alot of folks would say, "it's impossible to learn to paint like this without years of instruction." I beg to differ. It's the PROCESS that makes it soooo simple. If you are not satisfied in any way with the instruction, just drop me a line, I have an unconditional money-back guarantee!

    A beginning artist? I have a whole section on brushwork just for you. How to make soft transitions you see in watercolor work, how to make hard and soft edges, (and why they are important).

    Give it a try risk free! I know you'll be satisfied with the instruction, and you will learn tools that will give you a Lifetime of artistic freedom and joy!

    You will need Acrobat Adobe Reader to view this e-book. (Most all e-books are now in this format and most computers already have the program to read them, but just in case, I include links on the download page for you to get your copy.)

    Now, who should NOT order this e-book?

    If you think your painting will be completed in one 20 minute session, sorry. This is not a one session painting technique. Look closely at the work. There is a much deeper expression of artistry and detail, nuances within the paintings that cannot be duplicated using a wet in wet or one stroke technique! It is not something that will be done quickly. So if you prefer a one stroke technique, or the wet-in-wet techniques of Bob Ross, this oil painting technique is not that type of painting.

    Download your e-book now!

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    If you have problems with the download, contact me! I check my email's during the day and will be glad to get you the downloads again. Lets face it, stuff happens, you lose power, your cat jumps up on your keyboard, and coffee floods your laptop. I'll be here to help! So don't wait! You could be painting tonight!

    60 Days Money Back Guarantee!

    That's right! A 60 day trial period and money back guarantee. If within those 60 days, you don't like something about it, just email me, and I'll refund your money.

    P.S. By placing your order now, I'll include some great bonus offers!

    The first is an e-book on DRAWING & ANATOMY By Victor Perard. The hard cover volumn for this book sells for up to $88 on Amazon, but for a limited time, you can get this PDF version downloaded to your computer for free!

    Let me tell you alittle about this bonus. Are you interested, truly interested in improving your drawing skills, and drawing of the human anatomy? This book is over 165 pages of skeleton, skulls (too cool for the tattoo artist) muscle, human motion, etc. Here's just a small picture from what you will find in it!

    Impressed? I was, and to find it was a real treat. I thought, wow, what a great bonus gift, so here it is. Included with your purchase.

    And here is my 2nd fantastic bonus for you!

    "Composition" A Series of exercises in Art Structure for the use of students and teachers by: Arthur Wesley Dow

    Here's an actual excerpt:

    ""Composition was chosen as a title because that word expresses the idea upon which the method here presented is founded the "putting together" of lines, masses and colors to make a harmony.Design, understood in its broad sense, is a better word, but popular usage has restricted it to decoration. Composition, building up of harmony, is the fundamental process in all the fine arts. I hold that art should be approached through composition rather than through imitative drawing. The many different acts and processes combined in a work of art may be attacked and mastered one by one, and thereby a power gained to handle them unconsciously when they must be used together. If a few elements can be united harmoniously, a step has been taken toward further creation.""

    In other words, your painting and or drawing skills may not be the best, but if the harmony, composition of the piece is done well, the work will be recognized as a great piece of art!

    I can attest to this in my own work. When the composition wasn't right, the work collected dust in the galleries back closet. Don't let that happen to you! Get this bonus e-book when you order any of my lessons!

    And here is yet one more great e-book!

    Fun with a Pencil by Andrew Loomie.

    This e-book has been out there in various places, but is hard to come by.

    Some of the younger crowd will really get into this one as it shows you in very basic steps on how to draw simple forms, to more complex forms, and finally, some serious fine art!

    It start you off with the human head, then he moves you through the body, hands, clothing, simulated movement, and into perspective, light and shadow, and ending with this great example!

    I show you a great deal information within the "Mabry Mill landscape oil painting demonstration", but having a strong background in drawing will always help you in your painting!  Grab this free bonus while you can when you order "Mabry Mill"!

    I also have some other great combinations available!  See Below!

    This first is the Landscape E-book combined with my DVD of the yellow rose demonstration.

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    Even More Extra's! Wow!

    For each of the eBooks,  I have included links for you to download, copy, save and later print out the images discussed within each eBook.

    Images available for tracing with eBook 

    still life with grapes
    still life with grapes
    landscape oil painting demonstration

    These are large images, so you can print them out, trace them, and follow along on the canvas with the lesson.  Just check out the confirmation order page for the links!

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    I basically have 2 types of products available. For the still life artist, the landscape artist.

    Product Description Pricing
    A Real Art Lesson EBook art lesson 2 Still Life paintings demonstrations using the Flemish Method. Includes Includes 3 bonus E-Books $19.97
    Mabry Mill EBook. Using the indirect method of oil painting. Includes 3 bonus E-Books For those learning to paint the landscape. $19.97

    Both Ebooks.
    Real Art Lesson EBook & Mabry Mill EBook combined.
    A $10 savings.

    art lesson PLUS , and 3 bonus E-Books!

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