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Landscape oil painting has quickly become one of the most popular painting types in our modern era.  Why?  I believe its because for centuries, people are always trying to bring a piece of the out of doors, indoors! 

It may be in the form of plants in pots, Christmas trees, or pictures of far away places brought into our living rooms to give us either something to remember, or something to strive for. 

These all bring our outdoor, natural surroundings, inside, to keep us renewed, refreshed and invigorated with anticipation of our next trip out side!  As more of us live within large metropolitan area's, spending time in a park, a garden, or just outside in the fresh air becomes more and more important to us.

landscape painting

Now tell the truth, when you cast your eyes on a grand expanse of a well created, high emotion landscape, don't you place yourself within the painting?  Don't you walk along that stream, down that road, or through the trail just behind that tree?  Of coarse you do!

So from the viewers perspective, you can understand why landscape oil painting is popular.  But why do artist's love to do them? 

I believe it's because artist's love the outdoors too!  The artist can perform their craft outdoors as well as indoors with this type of painting. 

From the Plein-air landscape oil painting, studies done out of doors, to huge, expansive studio works based on big road trips, hiking experiences, and other travel trips, the landscape oil painting opens many avenues for the artist to experience the outdoors!

Lake painting

Don't you love the anticipation while hiking up the mountain pass to get to that special location to catch the sun rising, to capture the cool morning light (as opposed to the warm sunset light) that streams across the cliff face, mountain side, or crashing surf? 

Wow! No wonder so many artists love creating landscape oil paintings!

Like many other main navigation pages on this site, this will be a launching place for you to discover in more details, oil painting techniques used in this genre of painting.

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Then get back here to get started by viewing some of the other topics on landscape paintings to be discussed.  Active links will allow you to click over to that pages information. 

Please bear with me, I'm a full time artist, and this site is a labor of love, so between coats of paint on the easel, I'll put together my thoughts, do a little research to make sure what I say is not totally bogus, or something I think I knew, and post it here!

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Learn how to landscape paint following these ideas.

Shortcut demonstration that has yielded some surprising results!

I show a little shortcut demonstration on this page that will leave you ready to go and try your own!

Below are 2 paintings that were completed really quickly using the shortcut and information from my Mabry Mill Landscape Painting eBook.

Bath County storm painting
crab tree falls oil painting

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