Leonardo Da Vinci paintings and the real facts!

For Leonardo Da Vinci paintings, the resurgence in interest starting in 2003 has been a nice awakening of Classical Realism in painting!  

leonardo self portrait

What happened in 2003 was simple, “The Da Vinci Code”  by Dan Brown was published, and has now become a cultural phenomenon.

Did you know that over 40 works of non-fiction publications and books have been written to refute the fictional novel! 

But hey! We already knew it was fiction! Right?!

I guess that’s what we get with a really good story!

Add just a touch of truth, and then we believe the whole thing must have really happened. 

And with the addition of the secret society of murderous albino monks, we have just the needed touch to juice up the plot.  (The secret society exists, but for a much nobler purpose!) 

famous leonardo da vinci painting

Leonardo Da Vinci paintings decoded

Now I’m getting caught up in it again.

We’ll try to stick to the facts ma’am, just the facts.

So lets start with Leonardo Da Vinci paintings that are considered the worlds most famous paintings! The Mona Lisa for starters!

The facts are this:

Leonardo loved this painting.  So much so, he made sure it traveled with him where ever he went until his death in France.  He never divulged who the sitter was, or the actual name he gave the painting!

Some question that there may not have even been a sitter and some propose it is a self portrait.

Strange, yes, but the story’s that have happened since are even stranger.

Check out the rest of this article here on The Mona Lisa Painting

mona lisa leonardo da vinci paintings

Leonardo Da Vinci is mostly known as an artist. But he was also truly a “Renaissance Man”.  His infinite curiosity, and his powers of invention have yet to meet an equal to this day.  Besides a painter, he was a sculptor, an architect, an engineer, and a scientist!

His love of knowledge and research was the keynote in his artistic and scientific endeavors.  His innovation influenced the course of art for a hundred years after his death, and his scientific studies have influenced many of our modern day miracles even to this day!

His camera obscura was the great grand daddy of our modern day camera.  Hydraulics as we know it today has been heavily influenced by his findings and scientific experiments hundreds of years earlier.  Even helicopters were thought about by his great mind.  He made detailed drawings of human anatomy which are still highly regarded today in medical textbooks!

How do we know all this?  We've got his manuscripts!  And you can have a copy!  My next article on the "Last Supper" will give you all the details.  It's free and down loadable.

But I’m getting off track again, so now let’s talk a little more about Leonardo Da Vinci  paintings and what we do know about them.

The world’s second most famous painting, “The Last Supper” was also created by him.  The Mona Lisa, and The Last Supper are now recognized as the most reproduced, and most parodied paintings of all time.

Read more in part two of my Leonardo Da Vinci paintings series.

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