Lightening at Sea

by Janice Golding
(West Jordan, Utah USA)

"Lightening" painting by Janice Golding

I started painting again 3 years ago after giving it up for 20 years. My paintings were very amateurish. I have since read many articles and tutorials on techniques.

All my paintings are landscape. My Lightening painting was painted on 14x16 stretched canvas. No under painting except liquid white.

I practice everyday with different techniques to strive to improve my paintings. In the beginning I bought all colors of paints but now I try to mix most of my colors. I find it's less expensive and helps me understand color theory.

Your site is the first and only site I've found where an original painting can be submitted and hopefully accepted for critique. I've struggled to create a worthy painting but I paint and practice everyday. I try different techniques and landscapes. I've tried painting buildings ie., barns or cottages into my paintings but I struggle with perspective. But I'll keep trying. I'm also submitting painting titled Waterfall and another titled spring in the Mist.

I hope you will accept my painting because I would appreciate your critique.

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Jan 13, 2017
Landscape painting critiques.
by: Delmus

Hi Janice,

Thank you for your submission. It takes courage to post your work, and sit back to hear a critique. As you know, I don't really have a formal education in fine art. So any advice given is from the perspective of what I see and what I think you wanted to achieve.

Your mention of the liquid white tells me you follow the Bob Ross or William Alexander method of painting. It is also evident within the works themselves.

My first landscapes were using this method, and I have a Sister-in-Law that owns one. You can achieve a beautiful work with the method.

Your Lightening painting shows this. It conveys a mood and a very believable scene of a storm approaching over a body of water. I would not change a thing with this painting.

The other two, I do have a few suggestions.

In "The Mist" I'm assuming you are referring to the fog at the base of the mountain range.
To me, the body of water is taking up too much space within the picture plain. I can see a mist, but without more details at the base of the mountain it appears more of an out of focus photo of that part of the mountain.

In "Waterfall" your focal point should never be dead center, in this case, the waterfall. shift it left or right will improve the composition. The rocks are believable but the background clouds and river seemed rushed. Again, this depends on what you are wanting to achieve, an impressionistic look or a realistic look. Either way, you are close.

I hope this helps in your next paintings, and thank you for the opportunity to see your paintings.

With best wishes, Delmus

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