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Marketing Art, progress report on my 3rd venue search!

by Delmus
(Somewhere near the Blue Ridge Mountains)

Skylight Studios Art Gallery

Skylight Studios Art Gallery

Skylight Studios Art Gallery
Skylight Studios owner/artist Kate with some of her paintings!
Wall space for some big paintings.
Wall space for more big paintings

Progress report on my 3rd Venue search!

Well, the votes are in! And guess what? Brochures and Art Packages do in fact work in getting that next venue. Remember I said I didn't know if I would crash and burn, well, I didn't expect such a quick response, but I got great news!

Out of 13 brochures/art packs sent out to various galleries (that I had previously visited in stealth mode) in 2 regional cities, here's the break down.

2 returned as undeliverable. Dumb mistake on my part, my label maker didn't have enough room for the full address, and a quick check of the addresses before mailing, and I still didn't catch it. (Had to be the excitement of the moment! LOL)

2 responded that they were not excepting any new artist's or work.

7 no response at all (thus far, 4 weeks out)

1 invite to a group exhibition in February which may lead to bigger and better things!

1 invite to a co-op gallery to show full time, with a featured show this month! (We hung the work Monday!)

Talk about a crazy week. Wow, and it's only Tuesday.

Will keep you posted of any other results!

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by: Bestfriends (Ellen)

I hope you do well with your showings. I am new or fairly new, and I really enjoy painting. I mostly do oils and landscapes. I was raised in the country in the Panhandle of Florida and I have deep roots here. These roots show in my paintings. I have shown my work in places in the small towns here but have never been brave enough to do what you have done. I think it is wonderful you are pushing forward. Be blessed in your gift.

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