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mawar Dan raya, Rose and Hisbiscus flower painting.

by Fitrah
(Selangor, Malaysia)

mawar Dan raya, Rose and Hisbiscus flower painting.

mawar Dan raya, Rose and Hisbiscus flower painting.

I consider myself as 'beginner' ,I have a lot to learn about oil-painting techniques. the tittle itself means 'rose and hibiscus' in malay. I usually spray paint the whole canvas first with black or white colour before I start my sketching. White is the must-have colour in my painting since I use it for lighting and black for shadows. For the rose I just simply use sable brush to mix small amount of black and red colour to create dark shed, while white and red mixed for lighting areas. The hibiscus is a mixed of red, orange and yellow. The tree bark, I used brown, black and white to finish off, I didn't attempt to make it realistic though.

The background is acrylic I used palette knife to mix the colour directly on the canvas.
As a beginner, it took me around two weeks to finish the painting. I have a little struggle to paint small details in the painting. To tell you my honest words, I don't know anything about oil techniques or what it's called. Sound silly but I wish I will learn more from now on..

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