Let's learn a bit about Modern Abstract Art.

Lets talk a little about modern abstract art.  I don’t have the expertise to talk as an authority on this genre of art.  But I do have a few completed works that can be expanded upon for ideas on how to produce it.  Click here to see my discussion of abstract painting techniques with these three paintings.

A goal of mine is to present some of this within the site, and I will continue to educate myself in order to pass this information on to you my readers.  At some point, if I can learn the code aspects, I will set up forms or a forum in which others will be able to participate, and help educate ME!  In the meantime, please indulge me with a few musings on the subject that I have discovered thus far.

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More about modern abstract art.

An art movement is a tendency in the practice of art with a common philosophy or goal. It will have a group of artists that follow this philosophy during a period of time (usually a few months, years or decades). Movements have all but disappeared in contemporary art, where individualism and diversity prevail.

It is said that the birth of abstract art is over a hundred years ago, and is attributed to the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky ( 1866 – 1944 ). This form of artistic expression has continued to divide the fine art camp into two opposing factions to this very day. Click here to read a little about the politics that played out concerning the modern art movement! How it really started in this country!

From what I’ve studied, understanding abstract art does not have to be complicated. There is a great deal of emotion and thought used in the creation of this form of art.

And, as in all crafts, there are those that can “pull it off” without much of either. Because there are no real rules to judge the work by, it will always be purely the opinion of the viewer of how much time, emotion and soul have been put into the work.

Realism presents the viewer an artist’s interpretation or representation of the world around them where Abstraction presents the viewer of the artists reaction to the world around them.

In Realism, we attempt to answer “what is it?” whereas in abstract we attempt to answer “what is it saying?” Is this oversimplification? Sure it is. But if it helps in understanding the difference between the genres then it is sufficient.

When visiting the museums, in the modern abstract art section of the galleries, you will find place-cards near the work that attempt to explain “what is it saying?” You find a quite lengthy explanation there. On the realistic side, you may find the same amount of words, but it will be about something other than explaining what the artist was attempting to say.

I’ve heard it said that when you view modern abstract art work, don’t strain your brain trying to figure “what” the image is, but to wait and allow the work to “speak” to you. Try to think in terms of what the artist was feeling and thinking as they produced the piece. Reach inside yourself and think about the feelings you are experiencing, your reaction to the colors, texture or design work of the piece. In this way you will begin to appreciate the work.

abstract art example Another great resource in which you'll want to bookmark is a friend of mine. She produces some of the most exciting, funky, colorful pieces I've ever seen. Some of her ideas have helped me in my work! Give her a click and check out her abstract paintings. Her explanation of the genre far exceeds mine, and she has these wonderful examples!

Click here to read a little about the "art-politics" that played out concerning  the modern art movement!  How it really started!

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