My Platter

by Dr. Sunita Chowdhary
(Jaipur,Rajasthan, India)

Still life oil painting, still life of fruit, still life of melons

Still life oil painting, still life of fruit, still life of melons

Hi Delmus,

This piece was painted on a canvas mounted on a frame of the size 24X30. I had decide to learn so I consulted an art teacher of the school where I was teaching in the year 1995.

She had guided me to use the basic lightest colour of any object as the underpaint and then proceed with the actual shading of the colours after it dries.

She also said that there are no fine sharp edges to anything in the oil painting so except for the table or the cloth I wasn't very sure that things can't have definitions.

I am still not sure that why should everything have merged edges. anyway when I now see different sites and your paintings, I feel that she too was learning.

I have decided that eyes and lips or other things can have sharp and clear lines. Now can we simply glaze with any colour after doing the grey scale just to show the colour or should the colour also be of the dark or the light intensity as the grey scale?

Sure the umber layer helps a lot as the painting seems almost one fourth complete as we get an idea how things would look after completion. I am presently working on a painting as I wrote earlier. Will post it as soon as it is ready. Do guide me whenever you get time.
have a nice day

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