Oil Painting Demos of the miniature kind!

Here are my ACEO's oil painting demos that show you like the rest of those done in the flemish technique, it can be done on a smaller scale too!

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Below, you'll see I've started off with 4 miniature pictures.

oil painting demos ACEO

We'll start with the Rose of Sharon.  This is a painting that may become one of my larger examples, but for now, a miniature will suffice for my needs.  A quick sketch, nothing fancy, just establishing edges.

rose drawing

The umber or brown under painting went in quickly as well.  Here however, I developed the darks and lights and established the overall tone of the painting.

oil painting demos

Here my first color layer went in with shadows defined even more.  Darker areas were made darker, lighter areas were made lighter. My main color is Alizarin Crimson.  A bit too pink to my liking.

miniature rose of sharon painting

Here, I simply glazed in a cadmium red medium tone, added just a few more highlights, and DONE!

athelea painting

I found these cute little easels at a local art supply store to show off my little painting.  I've seen these painting framed in a large 3" molding that makes a big impact on it's overall presence.   

miniature painting on easel

Below, you can see the process again.  Drawing, Umber or brown under painting, color layer, then finishing layer.  I did skip the canvas toning for speed reasons, and this made my initial brown under more difficult in that the canvas was not sealed and the paint did not glide over the surface the way I prefer.  This made blending more difficult.  So, lessons learned, don't forget the toning or imprimatura layer.

Below: color layers and easel picture. And then a picture of yours truly hamming it up with another small ACEO painting.

orange yellow rose painting on easel

This really gives you an idea of how small these works are.

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