Oil Painting Lessons that explain just some of the various methods used by artist's today.

Oil Painting Lessons.

Before the twentieth century artist's were trained as an apprentice in a strict tradition.  Most artist's had very little exposure to alternative methods.  The apprentice was taught the method of the Master painter, and in their own time, after years of success, would begin to develop their own unique style without much deviation from what they were previously taught.   Eventually, more self expression was allowed, and in today's time, we are quite spoiled by the many choices, and this can hinder our own progress.  So, to bring some clarity to the issue, lets simplify the ways of applying paint to 3 main methods.

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The Transparent Method

The transparent method starts from the 15th century.  Flemish pioneers of oil paintings used oil-rich transparent glazes over a pale ground.  Light falls through the glazed color, reflecting back off the ground in a similar way to sunlight goes through stained glass.  This method is like watercolors in that the layers are built up gradually.  A great deal of the color mixing can take place in the overlaying of one color on top of another.  An example would be a first glaze of blue, and after allowed to dry, then a rich glaze of yellow on top will produce a luminous green that is unattainable with any other method or medium.

The Opaque Method

Most modern techniques include this method of applying paint.  Physically mixing of paint to create the color, and placing this color directly to the support for an immediate and solid painted stroke.  The use of a solid opaque paint layer dates back to the 17th Century.  Some artist's would work from dark ground up through the light colors.  Some would work from a middle ground down to darks and up to the lights.  Using the opaque paints also allowed for impasto and brushwork to be very visible.

The Opaque method can also be associated with Alla Prima form of painting.  I have a little more information here on alla prima, an oil painting process.

The Combined Method

Most painters use this method.  The idea of using deep transparent glazes for shadow work, with thicker, opaque light masses has been used shortly after oil painting became a standard medium in the late 15th century.

It takes some skill to be able to move from transparent to opaque methods.  But that's the idea behind these oil painting lessons and this website as a whole, to pull you up to a skill level that will allow you to do this without much thinking behind it!  You just paint and enjoy the thrill of seeing your work being born on the canvas!

Learn and Master Painting

Why is the combined method the most widely used.  I believe it has something to do with getting the best of both methods.  Your darks and mid-tones, half shadows, though dark, still glow with a luminous quality that no photograph or any other other painting technique can achieve.  Your well light areas and highlights, because they are opaque and tend to extend beyond the canvas plane will pick up more light within the room, again achieving a sparkling effect that no other means can duplicate.  To see for yourself, do visit a major museum and look for the Flemish Masters paintings to compare to other modern day works.  The pieces are over 400 years old, and are rarely exceeded in beauty by other methods.

Thanks for hanging in here and reading more about these oil painting lessons.  We would love to see some of your work!

Listed here are a couple of oil painting lessons, exercises and tips that will help you accomplish your painting goals!

I've added a new lesson for learning from the master's.  It is a technique that has been in use for hundreds of years and is practiced in every major metropolitan museum up to today's time!

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