Old Massie, Blue Ridge Landscape oil painting.

by Delmus

Old Massie tractor oil painting

Old Massie tractor oil painting

Flemish technique on masonite paneling. Original was 12"x36". This painting comes with a nice story.

Raising a large family, one of my greatest pleasures has been to help train my young teenagers how to drive!

Now you can understand why I don't have much hair!

On one of our longer training sessions in which I took my son Alexander (now an E-5 in the United States Coast Guard saving lives for a living!) we did the usual 40 mile loop to the mountains near our home.

This was an early morning run because I wanted to capture the long cast shadows and cool mountain mist rising from the valleys just below the mountains.

As we passed several farms, I noticed this red derelict sitting out in the open field, so we pulled over to investigate.

It was an old Massie Tractor that had seen better days. I guess once it quit that spring, the farmer decided to just leave her where she lied.

I felt a bit saddened by it, as I like tinkering with old things to make em run better, and I didn't quite see the justification of leaving this old tractor in the field to rust away.

Surely a collector somewhere would have wanted it.

I decided then and there to paint it. More of a tribute to items that we use up, then unceremoniously discard.

So here we are with my tribute to Old Massie.
(The picture size really limits your ability to see the red tractor at the crest of the hill)

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Mar 05, 2010
by: Evelien

What a lovely painting.

Dec 01, 2009
Old Massie
by: Alan

Really interesting and lifelike. Wonder what a bit of sand mixed in with your paint would have done to make an "old and worn out" texture on your tractor (Vermeer used sand for texture in his "View of Delft)"...?

Nov 27, 2009
Close up of the tractor
by: Delmus

Here's a better shot of the painting with it's tractor. This painting sold, I'm happy to report! Maybe the farmer saw the website and realized he too needed to remember this workhorse of a machine.

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