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My painting method, and guarantee when buying art online.

The painting method I use and prefer for most of my work is a 400 year old Flemish technique that involves painting in layers. This produces superior results both in the effects that are found in the work, and it's longevity. It is guaranteed to last a lifetime without fading/cracking if kept out of direct sunlight under normal room conditions.

Close up views will show the depth and details not usually found in paintings today. I've also included one that is not to exact scale, but gives you a good idea of it's size compared to some furnishings.

I know you will enjoy hanging this in your home as much as I did in creating it!


Buying artwork over the Internet is so fantastic! The only drawback is you can't get up real close to the work. With close up shots of the painting, I hope I've solved that.

I can honestly tell you that my artwork always looks better in person than it does on a computer screen! But thanks to good quality scanners and digital cameras, it is possible to capture excellent shots that accurately represent the essence of the work.

If you fall in love with the image on your computer screen, I'm certain that you will love the real thing immensely more. But just in case, all artwork is offered satisfaction guaranteed.

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with the piece, let me know within 7 days of receipt of the artwork. The artwork must then be returned within 7 business days via the same method to which it was sent to you.

Please include insurance. I will refund the entire price of the artwork. Shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer. Please save your original shipping materials for the return shipping should you need it.

If you see a piece on this site that you really like, and can't find it on the gallery page, on my Etsy store, just drop me a line and I'll see if I can't help you out!

Hopefully, this information page about my painting methods have helped you! 

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