Painting Videos, and studio practices

Painting videos from YouTube that I've enjoyed and I think you will too!  
There are some really great YouTube Art videos, but sometimes, it's really hard to weed out the junk, and bring you stuff that relates to this form of painting.

Learn and Master Painting

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Other Artists Painting videos

Here are some of my favorite You Tube Videos on painting.  They talk about studio setup, oil out, and staining your canvas.  Sometimes it simply helps to watch someone do something just once, and you learn it.  Hopefully you can use these.

A great one on oiling out your canvas.  You'll like this guys personality too!  He has several videos on his channel.  

And one that's on toning the canvas but most important, WHY!

Check out his channel, he has a few demonstrations and lots of interviews with other artists.

Here's one by an artist Mark Carder, who has a fantastic YouTube channel with free course.  His technique is a direct method, and his students are able to produce some really nice works.  I enjoy his color matching technique the most.  I'll post the video on that below also.  

And Marks great video on matching any color and the use of a color checker.  My only concerns in his method is the medium he uses which includes clove oil.  He states he has had a conservator ok its use, I read elsewhere however, that is a suspect practice.  I cannot find Clove oil in mixtures of old, or others talking about it's use except Mark.  Maybe he has hit on something that is worth while, I just don't know, and until I get more resolute data on it, I won't be using it in my mixtures.

Here's a link to his great painting channel!

And some of my own YouTube painting videos

Click the image to see the demonstration of this painting on YouTube. (Opens in a new window)

Now this is a great demo film!  It shows the progress of 2 paintings that I presently feature within "on my easel" pages.  It's done using a famous technique called the "Burns Effect" using still photos and blending them into one another to make a video.  I hope you enjoy this one as it really does show the technique well, and the progression you will expect when using the technique.

As I find some more painting videos, I'll post them here!  See ya next time...

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