by Dr. Sunita Chowdhary
(Jaipur,Rajasthan, India)

Pansies, still life flowers

Pansies, still life flowers

Hi Delmus,

I am bound to write after I read and witnessed the changes you made to the persimmons. It means so much I had never actually believed before this. To be very honest I thought the great artists have the sites but damn do they care about the admirers let alone incorporate the changes. No ego hassles? Very encouraging. Your daisies have left me spell bound. I had to locate your signature to believe it was painted. The texture of the tulip petals is explained so well. you are great. Well my pansies don't have that shine but your tutorials taught me to get the contrasting colours right to shade the petals. I am learning step by step and promise will upload a great painting obviously a copy of your work to prove that you have a great teacher in you. The painting of mine is small one just about 10x12. It took me many sittings as I couldn't just get the right colours. I painted blending the colours so many times that it would never seem complete. It won't happen now as I have learnt the steps. Thanks for being there.

Editors Note:

Thank you so much Dr. Chowdhary. It is also very encouraging to me to get the responses from my readers. It takes time and trouble for you to do that, and in that I thank you sincerely. It also gives me joy and hope for humanity. Too many times in today's world, there is the take, take, take mentality. Mine has been in the other direction. An abundance mentality. A well spring from within, where the more I give, the more I seem to get back. Very strange philosophy, but it is a universal truth I believe.

Also, even though I have been painting for over 30 years, I learn new tricks almost every day that I paint. The website and some of the forums that I participate in constantly challenge me to improve my painting.

Now to your pansies! They are superb in every way. An odd number of blossoms (which is pleasant to the eye), and displayed across the canvas in a wonderfully balanced composition. You've also selected one from each of the common colors found. The individual blossom's are well modeled showing intricate details within each petal and the folds with their shadows. Wow! This is a great painting!

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Aug 26, 2011
Just Beautiful
by: Ellen

I really enjoy painting. I have to say that I don't achieve the colors as I would like to in my paintings. I can't express how much I feel about your painting.

Aug 27, 2011
by: Dr. Sunita Chowdhary

Its very overwhelming to have the comments of such senior artists and Delmus, what a humble submission. Its a boon to have the opinion of a person of your stature with such fine attributes of human nature. I feel blessed.I owe you the improvements in my painting and.Thanks once again for the inspiration and guidance.

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