Rose Drawing and Painting demonstration color and finishing layers.

Rose Drawing and Painting demonstration with the final color and finishing layers from this months "on my easel" demonstrations. Here we have the beginnings of our color layers. I will show you all the color layers and the finishing layers in this one lesson. Sit back, relax and enjoy.

yellow and red rose painting demonstration

Once the yellow is blocked in, red crimson is added to the outside edges of each pedal.

painting of rose

Alizerin Crimson is a very strong color. It's tinting powers are extraordinary, so you don't need much to get this job done.

yellow rose pretty

We start the blending and correcting phase. This takes longer than the application of paint! So take your time. You mix on the canvas, lift some paint off, softly touch the brush in the direction of the rose veins or contour of the object.

yellow blossom rose

yellow red rose blossom

After my blending, I use the mop brush to soft blend all.

rose oil painting

At this point I couldn't resist placing a few dew drops to see what they will look like on the very small painting! (8" x 10")

painting of rose

After things have dried a few days, I begin the process again with an additional color layer.

rose painting demo

I finish my dew drops throughout and allow the piece to dry.

rose painting

red and yellow rose

In my finishing layer shown here, I've come back in and added additional highlights to just a few pedals.

yellow rose with red

Some highlights to the glass are added.

yellow red rose blossom

yellow red rose

And the final piece before adding a protective varnish in a few weeks.

yellow rose painting demo

I hope you have enjoyed this painting demonstration of a single yellow and red rose! My next project will be peonies. A friend and fellow artist on another site inspired me to try a few. Stay tuned for more updates and a link to her beautiful and inspiring piece as we continue to explore the classical painting methods together!

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