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A rose drawing and painting demo from my easel.

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Rose drawing the easy way.  What I want to show you here in this painting demo is that though your drawing skills may not be the best, this technique will quickly get you past this stage and into the painting stage fairly quickly.  You don't need a computer either.  

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We start with our layout. I wanted a single rose in a glass for a small 8 x 10 picture.

rose picture

I didn't care for the original setup. I couldn't see the rose as well as I wanted, so I'm going to use a photo of the rose that is rolled forward abit more.

rose picture

As you can see, any photo will work. In this case, I photocopied the original image, and cut out just what I wanted (the rose tilted forward)

rose drawing

Here I've laid them on the canvas board to see how it will fit.

rose drawing

I've taped the pictures to a piece of carbon paper with masking (quick release) tape and also taped the carbon paper to the board so nothing will shift while I trace.

rose drawing

This is a calligraphy pen that is dry. It has a rounded tip. You can use an old ball point ink pen also.

rose drawing

From here, we have the initial drawing.

rose drawing

And touching up the pencil drawing, this is the completed pencil drawing.

rose drawing

Followed up with the ink drawing done with waterproof ink and a calligraphy pen.

rose drawing

Stayed tuned for the color layers! Right now, I'm trying to decide whether to go with the red, or change things up a bit. The red just isn't exciting me for this rose. I do now have the link to the dead layer of this small rose. Click here to see the

Rose drawing and dead layer oil painting demonstration. Part 2

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