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Even though the dead layer photo's are missing, Roses on a Pedestal, a Rose painting finished demo photo's will show the brush strokes of the finishing layer.  This has always been helpful for me in seeing how the paint is put down.  It will help you too!

Below is the completed painting.  My wife wanted me to add her favorite insect, so the lady bug for good luck was put in as an after thought.  I really liked the added touch, and so did the customer that purchased this piece.

It sold within a few days in the Gallery.  I think I need to find that pedestal and get to work on another!  Seems to be a nice prop to use in a painting, adding a little mystery and pleasant shapes.

Closeup of the right leaves. Just a few touches of color and highlights create the leaf on the far right.

Closeup of left leaves.  Note the touch of red on the edges.  This emphasis's the green, but is also present in the actual leaves.

The shimmering white gloss is added to both the leaves and the petals as part of the finishing layer.  Just a touch of yellow and burnt umber was added so that the only thing that has open white are the reflections on the dew drops.

And finally, my little lady bug that brings good luck where ever you find her!

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