Seascape oil painting

by Peggy
(Coos Bay Oregon)

seascape oil painting

seascape oil painting

seascape oil painting
artist studio
artist library and paintings
artist paintings display

Step one: there are several spots along the road to the beaches that look a lot like this, I have seen the sky like this. This is step one , I am working on this while the laughing cavalier is drying.

First I sketched my picture, covered the pencil very thin and light with raw sienna acrylic paint.

I used a sunset picture from my files since the day was overcast. painted the sky using burnt sienna, indian yellow, cad yellow light, burnt umber, and white, painting it thin in dry brush, number two bristle filbert brush.

Painted all the other basic colors using Prussian blue and yellow for the greens, added some umber or sienna where needed for darker areas.

Water is Prussian blue and white. Rocks are raw umber, burnt sienna, naples yellow, and white mixed in several small blends of those paints for where the lights and darks go .

This will now sit to dry while I go back to the laughing cavalier to finish it.

For this seascape which needs a name, I am open to suggestions...

When I get back to the painting I will first paint a thin layer of LIQUIN all over the picture, then gently wipe it off lightly with my finger, which will smooth it and allow me to restart the painting wet into wet.

All the finishing stages will be painted in then transparent glazes, some maybe several times with different colors.

The glaze will be liquin about the size of a dime, with just a touch of color added. painted on smooth and light, if more color is needed I will add another glaze after the first one is totally dry.

Then I will post it, hopefully with a name.

hint hint.... other pictures are where I paint, and where I put some of the paintings.

I never had a studio until we retired last year and converted the family room into my studio, where I now spend a lot of time.

I encourage comments.....

Editors Note:

Peggy! I so much enjoy these posts. I didn't even know I had this one. Must have slipped under the cracks.

The painting I think could be called something around "Golden Sunrise, or Sunset" Or use a fancy french word for golden sunset.

I love your studio too! I find it so interesting to look into other working artists work space to see how they have things arranged. It can always yield a solution to a problem I may have in my own studio setup.

Thanks so much for posting this, and sorry it's taken so long to get back in answering to it.

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