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Sell Art Online and other ways to super charge your artist career!

Art Marketing 101

Have you ever wanted to Sell art online?

Maybe be in a gallery too? Here is how you can get the information you need to really push your art career to the next level.

Art marketing, even the term puts fear into some artists minds. Even for me. And what I’m about to do is giving me the eebbee jeebees all over again! If you’ve been a long time reader on my site, you’ll know that it went live in early 2008.

The main purpose as explained on my “about” page was to funnel web traffic to my online prints gallery in order to sell art online. I’ve learned a lot about the web and my art since then. One thing I found was I truly enjoyed sharing with other artists my techniques. As this site has grown, so has my portfolio of works completed.

So I am thinking, maybe I need to get into a 3rd Gallery. Having been in 2 Galleries for awhile, I’m a bit rusty at this sort of thing called “art marketing” and a

wonderful and frightful idea was born.

Why not share with my readers and explore this together?

Why not walk down this path together and research how I go about approaching a 3rd Venue to show my work in?

Then the questions began to roll in, what if I fail? Really crash and burn? What if the process drags on for months or worse, years? Well….. it might happen! With the economy in shambles, its gonna be a tough row to hoe!

A recent trip to a bustling university town near where I live found out of the 9 Art galleries within the town center, 6 had closed and of the 3 remaining open, 2 were now boutiques selling mostly jewelry, pottery and glassware. Only 1 was selling strictly hanging art.

I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, (my wife says I’m the forever optimist), but lets face it. If we can’t hope for a better tomorrow, it’s not worth getting out of bed today!

Why don’t you join me!

This will be the launch page, and links to other pages will fall below. Each of these pages will have an area where you can contribute. Tell me about your experiences, struggles, success’s and yes, failures (without them, we never learn not to touch the hot stove).

See below the first links!

Pages being built! Active links will be underlined and click-able. Topics to include:

Oh, before I forget. A couple of things. 

Firstly: below are some obvious advertisements, but before it, there's a place where you can help your fellow artists!  Yep!, tell us about how you sell art online, or offline in galleries and such!  You don't have to give away trade secrets, but be of like mind, the abundant philosophy in that, the more you give, the more you get back!  Help me help others sell their art.  Give us your ideas below!

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Hi I sell my art through my church at where I live here in Edinburgh Scotland, my parish priest helped me to organize the exhibition I sold about 20 that …

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