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So lets think about this a bit.  How do you sell art outside the normal venues today?  You've come to a good information page for just the right answer.

In today's world, there are so many ways to earn an income with your art, sometimes it's hard to focus on any one and still be effective.

I'm going to only list a few here to get you started, and as time goes on, expand your horizons!

Selling Art by Convert your image into a Poster or Giglee Print:

This first place is one that I recommend for a lot of reasons, but mainly, it's the quality of the product they produce for you, and it's free to list your art on their site! 

Selling art, your art, photography, illustration and more. is one of the fastest growing art communities on the web. They are dedicated to selling and producing your work with the highest quality.

Click anywhere in the ad to the left, and once there, find the "Sell Art" navigation button at the top.  It will direct you to all that you need to do to begin selling some of your work right away without a big website.  You'll still have to promote the images through your blog, twitter, facebook or where ever you presently have a web presence.

Sell your art via an art site dedicated to just that!

The next site that I recommend is Etsy!  Etsy is the online marketplace for buying and selling all things handmade.
They connect buyers with independent creators and shop owners to find the very best in handmade, vintage and supplies. 

There is a small fee for each item you post, but for a $.20 fee for a 4 month ad, it's pretty hard to beat!

They also have a tremendous newsletter and blog to support you as a seller.

Etsy, an online selling marketplace

Sell your art on merchandise!  Cards, Coffee Mugs, T-shirts!

These next 2 places come with hi marks from folks that I know have used them both in terms of purchasing and selling!  You can have your artwork displayed on so much these days, it truly can be a difficult decision!  Either place will do a great job, and both have affiliate programs where others can help sell your art and they receive a commission.  Imagine, an army of folks selling your exquisite flower card from their own online shop! 

Check these folks out and start earning.




So, now you have ideas for four different locations to post your stuff, and you've never left your chair!  Modern technology!  One last place that I really don't need to mention, but eBay also sells a great deal of art.  Some of it is really, really good.  But to sell on eBay requires a full website full of information to do it right, so, I'll just stick with the mention.  Seriously, there are full volumes of books describing how to sell on eBay, and rather than do you a disservice and possibly heart ache, do some homework before tackling that elephant!

Well this concludes my series on Art Marketing 101.  Please write and add your ideas to the other pages within the series where you can.  It truly does help others in learning your successes and your failures!

 Till next time.....

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