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Easy Oil Painting Techniques SiteMap

As this site grows, I will be updating this site map or index to better enable you to move around to the section you want. Or, just fill out the search box in the upper right hand corner of the page to get to something specific.  This particular index is always going to be slightly outdated as new material hits the site pretty regularly, but my little index keeper upper is on strike and doesn't like creating on the new links.

What's here however, will give you a good idea of the subject matter and range of topics within the site.

Also, near the bottom is a link to my online gallery where you will find a number of my paintings and where you can find them in real brick and mortar Galleries, or through my online sales pages.

Learn and Master Painting

Oil Painting Techniques that are Easy, Simple, FUN!

This is the main Home Page. From here you start your journey! Learn these oil painting techniques, and enjoy a lifetime of creative freedom!

  • How to Paint Flowers

    Some really great tips on painting that formal bouquet or just that wonderful daffodil you just picked from the garden.

  • Rose Art

    I have a whole section on Roses that is growing! Gosh they are beautiful flowers. Learn how to draw them, paint them, grow them, and some history to boot!

  • Oil Painting Tips from my EASEL!

    Paintings in progress, as I discuss some of my problems and how I go about fixing them. Oil Painting Lessons from my EASEL! I also have links to dozens of painting demonstration from here.

A full listing of articles on materials, ancient re-discovered techniques, a little history, a 7 reasons why you should oil paint!

  • How to Buy Art

    With all the home decorating idea's out there, where do you start? You'll find a quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to narrow down your choices.

    • Flower Art Shopping

      A new page that offers shopping. Presently I have but some of my giclee prints here, but more neat stuff is coming!

    • About this Site

      This page is about me, how I got started in Art, and the neat program that helped me create this awesome website!

    • Your oil paintings, photo's, stories.

      This page is about you, how you created that masterpiece, the story behind the art work, and your favorite pieces! Come on and join the fun! Contribute and share your ART!

    • Your reference photo's.

      You can use these photos for your next painting and, contribute so others can paint your pictures!

    • Link Exchange Form

      Have a cool artistic website? Do you have some great information on your blog? If it's a benefit to most of my readers, fill in the form and we will trade links!

    • Back to Top of Site Map to navigate the website

      The Easy Oil Painting Techniques Sitemap is an Index that lists at a glance the contents of the Easy Oil Painting Techniques website, grouped by subject matter for your convenience.

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