"Smile", A Mona Lisa Derivative Art Oil Painting.

by Cynthia Snider
(Kamloops, BC, Canada)

"Smile", a Mona Lisa Painting

Portrait painting with Client

Hello, this is my beautiful daughter as the Mona Lisa.

"Compensated Affiliate"
It's just something I wanted to have a little fun with and a gift for her. 14"x 11" OIL.

Editors Note:

WOW! You have accomplished so much in this painting. I hope you can comment back to give us more information about it.

What was your color palette? The method you used in creating it? The costume and how you came to have it? Etc., etc.

I'm thinking you did use an indirect method of painting this because the modeling within the shadows this detailed in this size painting are extremely to impossible to achieve using a direct painting method.

You have accomplished the main goal in any portrait painting, and that is, to achieve a likeness of the sitter. Thank you for posting both pictures as the resemblance is remarkable.

Other aspects of this work that I am enjoying are the Da Vinci background. Muted and toned down, there are no greens or yellows in the painting. The overall tone of earth colors into the blues is a nice touch.

The Veil is difficult to see in the small photo, but I did see it. I'm curious to know if this has any special meaning? (The wedding veil is a traditional symbol used in the ceremony to hide the wearers face until the ceremony was complete.) Are there, or has there been wedding plans?

It is a beautiful painting and one that I know both you and your daughter are proud of. I hope you can get back to us to answer some of these questions I have posed.

With best wishes,

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"Compensated Affiliate"

"Compensated Affiliate"

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