Still Life Art, Untitled Still Life

by Linda A Irby
(Louisville, GA)

Still Life Art

Still Life Art

I tried another "Method" and built a box, cut a hole in the top to put a drop light over. I then found the objects in my house. I had sea shells and a corkscrew originally but too them out. I see why now. The whole rectangle thing(I forgot was you called it) that I didn't know about until now. I'm thinking about doing the box thing again, however our weather has been so beautiful that I'd really like to go outside. I just can't decide what I'd like to paint.

I live in a town of 2500. We do have an Arts Guild, of which I am is most recent member. Two of my paintings will be on display, this coming weekend for our Annual Spring Art Show. I'm stoked!

I just started painting in 2007 and have done 18 or 19 paintings. As I get better at painting I look at the first ones I did and really want to go back and gesso them over and start again. Not sure if that's the way you do it. Anyway, I probably read more than I paint. I do love to paint, however living in a small town leaves me few options for formal art instruction/classes. I've done all of my paintings without a course.

Without further adu..... here are my two paintings in the show. Let me know what you think. I'd really like to get better painting flowers. I have gardens and gardens of all different types of flowers that I'd love to have hanging in my living-room.

Thanks for your site! Though I haven't tried the whole thing so far, it has given me many ideas. I am still stuck on one certain thing. I can't get my red just right for a hibiscus I'm painting. There are three main red colors and it's the deeper one is the problem. I've tried all different mixtures and haven't gotten it yet. Here is a picture of my most recent pic. I'm trying to figure out how to load two at once.

Thanks again,

Linda Irby

Editors Note:

Only the still life picture loaded up. The software only allows one picture at a time. You can however, re-submit to include your red hibiscus. Check out my articles on color for some hints on how to get your right red. Cadmium reds are on the yellow side and Alizarin Crimson are on the blue side. With these two, you should be able to find your red.

The strongest point of your still life above is your colors (in my opinion). The contrast between the oranges and the blues are very nice.
I hope it did well (if it was one that was selected) in your local art show.

Thanks for contributing and keep up the good work.


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Jun 03, 2010
by: Linda

Thanks Delmus! Thank you for your compliment! I really appreciate. The blue you speak of is actually gray. My camera didn't represent that very well. The Art Show went good. They weren't judging or anything. A lot of people had their paintings for sale. I put a really high price on mine so no one would buy them. I'm not ready to part with them yet. I'm working, on the road right now, so I can't paint. I will look at that page about the reds and save it for when I get home. I did go and buy a sketch pad yesterday and sketched out Lake George in NY. It's very pretty this time of year. I will paint it when I get home.

Off to work now. Thanks again for your very nice comment. Have a great day!! :)


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